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Heidekoing Hotel Celle a Contemporary Sophisticated Hotel in Celle Germany

Memories are created through simple, quality and luxurious experiences. Many hotels offer quality, but few can provide a lasting impression. Heidekoing Hotel Celle is a charming contemporary hotel in Celle, Germany, offering sophisticated services.Heidekoing is a remarkable discovery situated in Celle at the outskirts of Luneburger Heide. The Heidekoing Hotel is an off-season, high season, shoulder season hotel and receives all guests as friends. Whether traveling for the holiday, business trip, or overnight accommodation Heidekoing Hotel will offer a deluxe classy and cozy treat.

Around Heidekoing Hotel Celle

Heidekoing Hotel’s exclusivity is accompanied by nature’s best in Celle. The tiny old town is depicted with half-timbered houses. It’s the world’s most beautiful town with natural amenities such as Aller River, gorgeous castles (Schloss Celle in Renaissance& Baroque styles), nice timer houses, Bomann Museum, and more. The amenities are few miles from Heidekoing Hotel, making the place extra special.

 Heidekoing Hotel Celle

Heidekoing Hotel Celle is a family business established to offer luxurious hotel services. Visitors can enjoy spacious guestrooms and excellent comforts.The hotel is suited in a serene area with beautiful sceneries, a site suitable for individuals and families. To cater to guest preference and taste, each room is decorated with fascinating décor.

The Heidekoing Hotel has well-ventilated rooms and an excellent viewpoint due to large windows, daily newspapers, digital television, shower, and tub. The opulent hotel provides exclusive services at affordable services accommodating global and local visitors. Language is not a barrier as the Heidekoing staff is well trained and multi-lingual.

The language used in Heidekoing Hotel Celle

Heidekoing Hotel is a multinational hotel that serves various hospitality services. The hotel assistants are vast in several languages to suit every guest’s needs.

  • German 
  • English 
  • Russian 
  • Thai 
  • Turkish 

Hotel services

Besides the rooms and accommodation enthralling experience. Guest can enjoy Heidekoing restaurant Celle‘s delicious delicacies. The hotel offers free breakfast, which serves per visitor’s preference (breakfast in bed or restaurant).The free buffet is served early (from 6:30 AM to 10:00 Am) to allow guests to continue with daily businesses.The hotel serves late breakfast on weekends from 7:30 Am to 10: AM to offer ample rest.The restaurant and bar section provides the world’s best cuisines.  Lunch and dinner are a consideration.Families and couples can request special dinner orders and arrangements all at Heidekoing hotel service. 

Property Features

After food service, visitors can enjoy other hotel services such as:

  • Full-service spa and Sauna (open daily)
  • Dry cleaning 
  • Clean and proper language storage.
  • Patio area.
  • Free bottled water.
  • Free WIFI  (public and guestroom WIFI)
  • A phone with access to both local and long-distance calls.
  •  Daily housekeeping.
  • Room services.
  • Free toiletries and hair drier.

Accessibility for special individuals

Heidekoing is never discriminatory; the hotel caters to all individual needs and works with persons with disabilities. Visitors can report to the front desk to gain accessibility services that are pretty similarand classy to other respective services. The hotel staff will help with wheelchair parking, handrails in stairways, special toilets, and bathtubs.

Pets at Heidekoing Hotel

Dogs are man’s best friends; Heidekoing hotel provides special treats to pets (dogs) at an affordable price (EUR 10 per pet). Guest with pets will get unique guestrooms comfortable for their pets and special pet utensils.

Safety and policies

Heidekoing hotel runs under set policies and has established safety rules. This was applicable before Covid-19, during the pandemic, and after. Guest will receive ultimate services to curb any spread of Covid-19. The rooms, handrails, restaurants, and all hotel parts are always disinfected with safe detergents.The hotel offers cashless and contactless services to ensure high-end safety measurements. Visitors can access safety gadgets such as masks, hand wash sanitizer, and more at the hotel.The hotel has a Carbon Monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, and smoke detector gadgets.

Extra services

Heidekoing goes beyond hospitality (food and room services) services. There are ready airport shuttle services at EUR 80 per vehicle visitors will get rides to and from the airport.


Heidekoing Hotel Celle is a home away from home, a unique property with visitor’s best interests at heart. Visitors should take advantage of the thrilling services and amenities for a fantastic holiday. It’s conveniently located with accessible means of transport and beautiful destinations that define the beautiful Celle town.