Hector DAO Eyes Two Major Listings to Begin its 2022 Expansion Campaign

Hector DAO’s expansion plans are on track, and Digifinex Exchange and MEXC contacted Hector to include them as their first-ever Fantom project. Digifinex is an Asian exchange that ranks in the top ten in terms of liquidity and volume on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, while MEXC is in the top twenty-five. Digifinex, as a leading project on Fantom, has offered to list Hector for free.

Hector will provide Digifinex with 15,000 USD in $HEC tokens to be utilized in their marketing efforts. Hector will be able to establish a stronghold in Asian markets as a result of this listing, and it will play a key role in the company’s future expansion plans. On the other hand, MEXC listing will require $100,000 in HEC with the following benefits:

  • Listing
  • $50,000 in HEC spent on a Kickstarter event to advertise Hector to the MEXC audience (expected approx 10k participants)
  • $40,000 in HEC spent to add HEC to MXDefi (MEXCs mining/staking pool)
  • $10,000 in HEC spent on running a trading competition in MEXC to encourage users to trade the token.

The Fantom Opera Chain is home to the Hector DAO project. By building a range of use cases within the Hector Ecosystem, they Hector Team hopes to provide value to their users. A portion of the proceeds from these use cases will be utilized to purchase and burn Hector tokens on the exchange. Over the course of 2022, Hector will become multi-chain. USDT and USDC, for example, have become important stablecoins in the crypto world. We use them to store non-volatile value, which allows us to keep our purchasing power constant from day to day. Unfortunately, the US Dollar does not work in this manner. The Federal Reserve is in charge of coining US dollars, and its fiscal policies have consistently resulted in the currency’s depreciation.

What set Hector DAO Apart From the League?

Staking, Bonding, and Rebasing were critical to Hector’s meteoric success in the fourth quarter of 2021. However, these three factors are insufficient for a project with the ambitions of Hector to prosper over the long term. The community recently approved a $7,200,000 treasury allocation (7 percent of the treasury) to fund the development of key revenue-generating subprojects in the 2022 plans. The ecosystem is planning a full-fledged expansion to incorporate some of the best use cases in crypto and will launch numerous products that will make it the go-to option for users. Some of the key services set for launch in 2022 include:

  • Hector Bank
  • Hector NFT Marketplace
  • Hector Swap
  • Hector Pro
  • Hector University
  • Hector Stablecoin
  • Hector Pay

Using at least two known value loops, the forthcoming stablecoin will allow massive numbers of HEC tokens to be burned. This will aid in the reversal of inflation and the transition of the ecosystem to the so-called ‘Inflection Point’; the point at which the HEC token becomes deflationary. Hector Bank will recoup its costs by charging a small fee for each transaction. Sales will bring in money for Hector NFT. Token allocations and consulting support packages will generate income for Hector Launch. These funds will be used in part to burn HEC tokens, reducing supply growth. Consider a scenario in which the number of tokens generated by APY rewards equals the number of tokens burned by product revenues. This would result in a HEC token with a high annual percentage yield(APY) and no inflation. In 2022, Hector DAO will combine the best of both worlds: a rebase project with a complete ecosystem of usefulness to boost the HEC token’s value.

Here’s How Hector System Will Evolve in 2022

In 2022, Hector DAO will serve as an umbrella for the Hector Ecosystem. The Hector DAO will assign resources and commands to the different initiatives that fall within it. Each project will have a project leader who will report to Hector’s Core Team and supervise the delivery and operations. Hector’s status as a DAO has not changed. The project will continue to vote on modifications to parameters like partnership agreements, technological advancements, funding allocations, and Launch Incubation.

Hector Launch will be an incubator and launchpad for upcoming projects on the Fantom Opera Chain. As of right now, there is a gap in the market for reliable incubators like this. Developers of new projects will be able to leverage the Hector audience by offering exclusive whitelist spaces to HEC stakers. The community will benefit from becoming an HEC staker since they will have early access to a selected list of forthcoming projects launching on the network. By participating in the incubation period, they will be able to obtain exclusive whitelist places. The entire chain benefits because the project can develop and support innovative new ventures, allowing the Fantom Opera Chain to get closer to the “Solana Moment.”

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