Heated Storage Units Can Protect These Items Throughout The Winter

Portland, Oregon – People considering putting their personal belongings in storage through the winter should start pricing heated storage units now. These fill up quickly during the cold winter months, and there is a good reason for that. A heated storage unit can protect a person’s delicate personal belongings, and they come with the added benefit of being more comfortable to enter and exit throughout the year.

SecureSpace Self Storage Centennial says that there is a reason they offer heated storage units to the residents of Portland. This is because heated and cooled storage units are quite simply better for most personal belongings.

Representatives from SecureSpace Self Storage explain that the top items that make the most sense for climate-controlled storage include:

  • Leather
  • Sports equipment, especially anything made of metal
  • Musical instruments, including guitars, pianos, and woodwinds
  • Household appliances, like microwaves and refrigerators
  • Makeup, toiletries, and other beauty products
  • Medicines and medical supplies
  • Collectibles, including comic books, coins, and stamps
  • Antiques, especially furniture and delicate paper
  • All electronics
  • Modern furniture made of metal, wicker, wood, or upholstery
  • Photographs and film
  • Important personal documents, such as a will or power of attorney
  • Clothing, especially lace
  • Fine art
  • DVDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, and other physical media

Why These Items Made The List

SecureSpace Self Storage says that there are many different reasons that these and other items should never be stored in a non-climate-controlled unit. First, heated storage units minimize moisture exposure. This can keep wood from becoming rotten, cracked, warped, and weak. Leather can likewise succumb to the damaging effects of excessive humidity.

Electronics and the metal components of appliances may also rust, which can cause motherboards, circuit units, and even mechanical pieces to become completely nonfunctional. Photographs, family documents, and other paper-based heirlooms also deserve a consistent environment, which includes a steady temperature and less humidity. Humidity can cause mold; excessively dry air can cause these types of items to crumble.

In addition to protecting personal belongings, SecureSpace Self Storage says that heated storage units come in handy for those who plan to access their unit multiple times throughout the season. Instead of becoming uncomfortable when trying to go through personal belongings, people with heated storage units enjoy temperate air all season long. Another reason to choose a climate-controlled unit, according to SecureSpace Self Storage, is when storing items for several months or longer. This will help reduce temperature fluctuations that can sometimes be extreme.

While heated self-storage units may cost a bit more than an outside, accessible unit, they can save people money in the long term. By choosing climate-controlled storage, people keep their precious personal belongings, including musical instruments, family heirlooms, and electronics, safe and sound all season long. This is especially important when these types of items hold sentimental value, are important parts of a collection, or can no longer be replaced.

SecureSpace Self Storage Centennial is located at 16061 SE Division Street in Portland. The company is open seven days per week, and unit owners may access their belongings daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. All storage units at SecureSpace Self Storage Centennial are heated, and the entire grounds are protected by enhanced security surveillance. SecureSpace Self Storage Centennial offers an expansive lobby with free Wi-Fi and plenty of packaging materials for purchase. For a contact-free move-in experience plus ample parking and lots of room to maneuver personal belongings around, choose SecureSpace Self Storage Centennial.

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