Healthy Eating Cookbook With Vitamin & Mineral-Rich Meals & Easy Recipes Launch

The new book, which is called ‘The Power of the Low-Carb Diet: Discover The Basics and Benefits Of Eating Food With Less Carbohydrates,’ has been authored by Isabella Koepf for Jeseed Lifestyle. It features 40 quick and easy recipes that cooks of all levels and abilities will be able to recreate at home. The recipes featured in Jeseed & Romah’s book have also been developed with nutrition in mind, and they are designed to help readers shift from making carbohydrate-based meals to making dishes that are protein, vitamin, and mineral-rich.

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The launch of the new healthy eating cookbook coincides with the latest figures from the CDC. According to their nationwide research, most people in the US don’t have a healthy diet. Americans consume too much sodium, saturated fat, and sugar, which increases their risk of chronic diseases, and don’t consume enough fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and good fats.

Jeseed & Romah believes that, in part, this poor nutrition also stems from carb-heavy diets that produce short-term energy bursts and lead to irritability, poor sleep, inflammation, more frequent feelings of hunger, and more.

As such, all the recipes included in the cookbook and healthy eating guide are low-carb. Their dishes substitute carbohydrates for nutritionally rich food like salmon, dark leafy greens, avocado, raw almonds, and more.

Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions and with shopping lists and weekly meal plans. Because of the wellness focus of the book, each recipe is also aligned with clear and accurate nutritional information.

Jeseed & Romah recommends ‘The Power of the Low-Carb Diet: Discover The Basics and Benefits Of Eating Food With Less Carbohydrates’ to anyone who is looking to eat a more balanced diet in 2023, as well as to people who are eating a no-gluten or low gluten diet and have been looking for ways to reduce their carbohydrate intake.

A spokesperson for the boutique publishers said, “Our new cookbook is a life-changing guide to eating healthy, delicious food that will help you feel great and achieve optimum health. This versatile cookbook provides everything you need to seamlessly switch to a low-carb lifestyle, making it your essential kitchen companion.”

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