Health Insurance in Frisco Contraceptive Coverage Now At Risk In ACA Act Lawsuit

Frisco health insurance contraceptive coverage is in the spotlight now that a new lawsuit is threatening to end it. According to several reports, the new lawsuit — which is largely in response to the recent decisions regarding abortions — asks that the nation’s highest court strike down the Affordable Care Act’s coverage of a wide array of preventative services, including contraception, at no cost. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor, a George W. Bush appointee on the federal bench, will first hear the argument and must decide on the constitutionality of the mandate for preventative care coverage. Depending on the outcome, it could reach the nation’s highest court in the coming months.

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Offering free contraceptive practices is one of the more popular provisions to the long-embattled ACA and undoubtedly has popularity among individuals and families with health insurance in Frisco. They include free mammograms and colonoscopies, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, breastfeeding support and immunizations for the flu, measles, chickenpox and other diseases. But the stakes around contraceptive access has been a heated topic of discussion ever since the nation’s highest court’s ruling a few months ago that paved the way for several states to ban abortions. That decision has put even more of a focus on women who use contraception so they can avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Rick Thornton, a Frisco health insurance agent, echoed several recent reports by saying the latest court drama doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to the ACA but could still undermine one of the more popular provisions of the bill moving forward. According to a Department of Health and Human Services report from January, nearly 58 million women were enrolled in private health insurance plans that covered preventative services with no cost sharing in 2020. Millions more adults covered by Medicare and Medicaid expansion also have access. Time will tell how this will shake out in court.

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