Headline Rudransh Gowani sings songs at event organized Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust to Felicitate the Fire Victims and Acid Attack Survivors

India’s leading Real Estate Entrepreneur and Social Activist along with her trust Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust organized a felicitation ceremony for the Acid Attack Survivors and Fire Victims during the the Diwali Festivities. During the ceremony Rudransh Gowani walked the ramp with the people affected and also took an active part in encouraging them to lead their life with full confidence by singing the song Life is the Best.

The Acid Attack Survivors and Fire Victims walked the ramp along holding a candle. They face a lot of struggles in live and the candle light signifies the victory over all the hardships they face. There are a true example of shining out bright after darkness.

During the event, Rudransh Gowani says. “The women affected by acid attack and fire a  great source of inspiration to each of us. I am glad and feel privileged to be part of this event. I have learnt so much from their life stories and inspired. Despite the hardships of their lives they are standing with full confidence. We too should have this confidence live our lives and chase our dreams”.

Rudransh Gowani has written and sung many songs which inspire the society and help in creating awareness on various topics.