Happy Place Club Adds ‘Old School, New Body’ To Library Of eBooks For People 40+

Happy Place Club recognizes the struggles faced by individuals trying to stay fit and healthy in this decade, when biological changes and responsibilities often force adults to neglect their bodies. This new book offers practical advice that allows readers to incorporate wellness principles into their lives, no matter how hectic their day might be.

More information is available at https://www.happyplaceclub.com/shop/health-fitness/health-fitness-diets-weight-loss/look-feel-and-move-years-younger/

The guide, written by Steve and Becky Holman, posits that aging is reversible at any age through specific ways of moving, eating, and thinking. The system involves five key principles to counter the ravages of aging, restoring the body’s natural youth hormones and giving middle-aged individuals more energy to pursue their passions.

‘Old School, New Body’ provides a holistic approach to wellness that rethinks conventional wisdom regarding eating habits and exercises. At the same time, it also emphasizes the need to tweak one’s mindset about aging, seeing it as an evolution rather than a decline.

Included in the book are extensive meal plans, workout routines, and mindfulness practices that are easy to follow and stick to. All tips are based on the Holmans’ first-hand experience, ensuring their feasibility and effectiveness.


As per the book, the human body can age an extra six months per year when not properly taken care of. This process is further accelerated from the age of 40, a critical juncture when the body experiences significant changes, including the loss of muscle mass and weight gain.

By introducing ‘Old School, New Body’ to its product catalog, Happy Place Club seeks to serve this growing yet underserved demographic. Indeed, data from The Brookings Institute states that about 50% of the country’s population falls into this age group, further highlighting the need for wellness guides catered specifically to this market.


Happy Place Club is an online platform that seeks to connect people with reputable content so they can achieve their health goals. In addition to books, it also carries natural wellness products that address a variety of health issues.

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