Happiness & Positivity Community To Improve Emotional Connection Launch

The new MORE JOY membership offers lessons in psychology, energetics, quantum biofeedback, the law of attraction, religion, business, marketing, metaphysics, and wealth creation, among other things. The goal is to inspire members to choose happiness each day, particularly by removing limiting beliefs and learning to control negative emotions.

More details can be found at http://RoadmapToMoreJoy.com

Donnalynn Riley created her latest program to help more Americans start the new year on the right foot. According to Riley, Americans are unhappier than ever, constantly feeling unsatisfied with their lives, pessimistic about their futures, sleeping less, and finding it hard to connect with their communities.

Riley understands this better than most. For years, she pushed herself too hard to achieve “success”. When she finally reached what she thought was her goal, such as a high-paying job and being well-regarded by her community, she found that she was still lonely and empty. Eventually, she found that the key to her satisfaction and enjoying her life was in having more joy.

MORE JOY is designed to empower members to take a step back, assess their lives, and see whether they are currently on the path they truly want. The positive wellness group features weekly healings, coaching, blissings (a play on words to help members find the bliss within), personal wishes and intentions, a supportive community, and a searchable on-demand library.

The membership program teaches people to let go of residual guilt, shame, worry, resentment, and frustration to allow for more freedom and more joy.

There are two types of memberships: a monthly or annual subscription.

Riley writes, “If you always feel like you’re starting over instead of gaining momentum in your life, the MORE JOY Membership will give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on track. The MORE JOY Membership is for anyone who wants to shift their focus to a better life, find ease, flow, joy, and momentum and stay consistent with their emotional life no matter what is going on in the outer world–whether you’ve been practicing for years or are brand new.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://RoadmapToMoreJoy.com

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