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Created for stressed-out individuals who feel stuck and need a change, the newly expanded 30 Days To A Happier Life Challenge has been created based on proven happiness techniques. The challenge was designed by positivity expert Cate Vissel who has compiled self-help advice, positivity tips, and personal development hacks into an email series. She helps participants develop a positive mental attitude, build their confidence and improve their outlook on life.

More details can be found by visiting https://acupfulofhappy.com/30-days-challenge

As part of the recently updated challenge, enrollees with receive a daily motivational email that shows them how to be happier. Each one includes inspirational quotes, advice on remaining positive, and relatable stories from Vissel’s life.

Together, these resources teach enrollees how to be consistently positive and upbeat, even when faced with negative situations. They will learn that happiness comes from within and understand how to appreciate and find joy in small blessings.

One of the main lessons in the challenge is that people do not need to depend on other individuals or material possessions for happiness. Vissel explains that each person is responsible for his or her mood and they can find joy in life no matter their current circumstances.

Participants will receive advice on removing limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, overcoming challenges, and managing day-to-day stress. Throughout the challenge, enrollees can journal about their experiences in the happiness challenge workbook – a practice that keeps them accountable and allows them to chart their progress over the 30 days.

To enhance their learning process, participants are encouraged to use personal development hacks such as repeating affirmations and practicing gratitude. Within 30 days, they should feel more optimistic, resilient, and confident.

Outlining the benefits of the challenge, Vissel says, “Happiness is within reach for everyone, no matter how terrible your life seems. This challenge helps you live a happier, more abundant, and prosperous life, and it can be used by anyone who is willing to change. Over 30 days, you will take small empowering actions that will add up, resulting in an improved mood and outlook on life.”

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A Cupful Of Happy is a happiness resource that provides self-help and personal development tips. The site features self-improvement guides and draws on the latest research from positive psychology.

To learn more about the A Cupful Of Happy’s new challenge and to receive a complimentary happiness guide, visit https://acupfulofhappy.com/free-guide

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