HANK ai Inc. Announces Integration with SAP Concur(R) Invoice

HANK ai Inc. DocuVision(TM) Now Available in SAP Concur App Center, Delivering Automated Data Extraction from Purchase Order Documents for Integration with Concur Invoice.

Lexington, SC -February 13, 2023 — HANK, a company specializing in unstructured data processing using computer vision and natural language technology, today announces the integration of its HANK DocuVision(TM) with Concur(R) Invoice. This integration will allow companies to extract key data from purchase order documents and insert it directly into Concur Invoice. This new automation will help save businesses time and money by eliminating manual data entry tasks for purchase order processing.

According to Dr. Jack Neil, CEO and Founder of HANK, automating routine tasks with HANK DocuVision(TM) can help businesses free their employees to focus on higher-value work related to enterprise resource planning. With the solution available in the SAP(R) Concur App Center, the company can now offer this advanced business automation software to businesses using Concur Invoice, ready for use, regardless of their procurement platform, bypassing the need for expensive integration work.

HANK DocuVision(TM) extracts key data from purchase orders, then imports the extracted information directly into Concur Invoice.

Concur Invoice allows businesses to capture and automate paper and electronic invoices using machine learning, then integrate those payments into a single system for managing its spending.

With HANK DocuVision(TM), a company’s procurement software is configured to send PO images (pdf, jpg, gif) to a specific email address for their business. HANK DocuVision(TM) processes inbound POs, identifies the vendor, and extracts key data including all PO line items.

HANK DocuVision(TM) finds the vendor in a Concur Invoice instance, then submits the details of the PO, including line items, directly to Concur Invoice.

When the invoice arrives, the corresponding details are already loaded in Concur Invoice which helps improve invoice-to-PO matching accuracy and efficiency.

HANK DocuVision(TM) is now available in the SAP Concur App Center ( https://www.concur.com/app-center)

About Hank ai Inc. – Help The Humans(TM)

HANK is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that specializes in the automation and augmentation of traditionally manual digital work. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Lexington, SC, HANK uses a combination of natural language processing, machine learning, neural networks, and autonomous computer programming to offer cognitive automation, freeing humans from digital work.

HANK technology is unique in its ability to learn like humans do, using a combination of unsupervised learning and knowledge transfer from domain experts. This allows HANK to learn faster, more accurately, and with smaller training datasets compared to other RPA (robotic process automation) and CA (cognitive automation) systems. HANK solutions typically reduce digital work by 50%, and in certain circumstances approaches 100%.

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