Handmade Black Goodyear Welt Saddle Shoes With Customizable Design Launched

Their recently launched saddle shoes are made by hand in their boutique artisan workshop in Almansa, Spain. This internationally renowned town has been one of the world’s preeminent shoemaking capitals since the 18th century. Therefore, Robert August’s new saddle shoes are also made using a Goodyear welt, the international standard in quality shoe construction. This traditional shoemaking technique improves the comfort of a shoe and makes it better able to mold to a wearer’s foot.

More information is available at https://augustapparel.com/product-category/mens/mens-dress-shoes/saddle-shoes

With their new saddle shoes, Robert August is on a mission to provide both the ultimate in style and comfort. With the latest figures reflecting that, at any given moment, 87% of Americans are experiencing some kind of foot pain, mostly owing to cheaply made and ill-fitting footwear, the luxury shoemakers hope to craft handmade shoes that are genuinely made-to-measure and made to give long-lasting comfort and support.

As Robert August’s shoes are handmade to order, this also means that shoppers can customize them. Using their new online ‘Make Your Own’ design panel, shoppers can build their shoe from the sole up. They can select the sole style, the color of the upper, including a contrasting color saddle overlay, and the finish of the upper – with calf leather, waxed suede, genuine python, and genuine alligator all available.

Shoppers can also select the color and style of the laces, the profile of the shoe, and the toe shape, with options selectable like a traditional rounded English toe or a slightly squared, more formal toe.

In addition to their customization options, Robert August also has an expansive selection of unique, fashionable, and versatile saddle shoes that shoppers can purchase as is.

With all of their new saddle shoes, Robert August offers their shoppers a vast selection of length and width measurements, and they have complimentary express shipping.

A spokesperson for the luxury shoemakers said, “When you wear Robert August shoes, you can be confident that your style will be on point. Our leathers come from only the finest tanneries in Italy, Germany, and Spain, and our fabrics come from the most prestigious mills in Italy, France, and Belgium. Our craftsmen have generations of knowledge and skill to create an exceptional pair of shoes unique to you.”

More details can be found at https://augustapparel.com/product-category/mens/mens-dress-shoes/saddle-shoes

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