Handcrafted Custom Navy Blue Goodyear Welt Saddle Shoe, Made To Order Launched

This new made-to-order service is also now available for their new collection of men’s saddle shoes. This popular retro style, which is named for the additional, generally two-toned piece of leather that sits like a saddle over the shoe, has become a hallmark of men’s luxury shoemaking, and Robert August is proud to be reimagining it for 21st-century gentlemen.

More information is available at https://augustapparel.com/product-category/mens/mens-dress-shoes/saddle-shoes

All of Robert August’s new custom and made-to-order men’s saddle shoes will also be handmade using a Goodyear welt. This traditional shoemaking technique involves an additional piece of leather, called the welt, being stitched in between the upper and the sole of the shoe. As a recent article on Business Insider explained, men who are looking for a quality piece of footwear should always choose a pair made with a Goodyear welt because it is generally an indication that the shoe will last a lifetime.

Robert August also believes that a Goodyear welt construction makes a shoe more form-fitting and comfortable for its lifespan, and they combine this natural comfort of the Goodyear welt with their extensive customizable sizing options.

Therefore, the renowned online retailers are confident that their new made-to-order saddle shoes represent the synthesis of both comfort, durability and style.

As they are making all of their new saddle shoes to order, shoppers can also customize the look of the shoe, picking between classic leather, suede, genuine alligator and python, and more. Shoppers can also select a single or two-tone color for their new pair of saddle shoes and modify the sole, toe, and laces style.

Robert August’s new saddle shoes will be handcrafted in their boutique workshop in Spain, and the brand states they source only the finest European leathers and materials for their construction. Given that their shoes are made-to-order, shoppers can expect to receive them in four to six weeks following their order.

A spokesperson for the renowned shoemakers said, “Saddle Shoes are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any outfit. Their distinct two-color look is a timeless classic that looks great with both casual and formal styles. These versatile shoes get their name from the saddle-shaped piece that goes across the lace area, and when you wear one of our pairs, you can be confident that your style will be on point.”

More details can be found at https://augustapparel.com/product-category/mens/mens-dress-shoes/saddle-shoes

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