Hallmark Nameplate Introduces the Latest Metal Nameplate Fabrication Technology

In order to create more intricate metal nameplates and custom fabrication, Hallmark Nameplate introduced a LaserCube fiber optic laser cutter from IPG Photonics to its inventory. With the addition of this new technology, the company is able to craft custom decorative designs at a faster pace and with reliable precision.

This machine allows Hallmark Nameplate to expand its metal fabrication thickness with an average power of 2 kilowatts and a maximum peak power of 4 kilowatts. So thick metals, such as stainless steel, can be easily fabricated and customized to fit any design detail. In addition, the accuracy of the LaserCube fiber laser machine ensures that individual tags are cut correctly every time.

“We are very excited about this new addition to our company,” said Mike Williams, Vice President of Sales for Hallmark Nameplate. “Not only will the fiber laser make Hallmark’s fabrication processes more efficient, but it will also allow us to deliver the most precise product at a quicker speed.”

The company offers multiple metal nameplates and finishes that include aluminum, stainless steel, and Metalphoto(R) nameplates. Depending on the use, quality, and specifics of the design, Hallmark Nameplate can inform customers about the benefits of each type of metal nameplate and give recommendations. The particular metal application of each project is contingent upon its use, the environment it will be placed in, and the design/copy of the actual project. More information about the nameplate metals and finishes can be found on the company’s website.

To let their customers interact and get a real feel for the material, Hallmark Nameplate compiles a variety of unique samples and its most versatile industrial nameplates in a complimentary sample box.

With high-quality custom metal nameplates and fabrication, Hallmark is able to serve numerous industries to meet exact specifications. Moreover, the new fiber laser is ideal for manufacturing parts for aerospace equipment, medical devices, automobiles, military use, marine metal nameplates, and more. Hallmark Nameplate has been providing these industries with established made-to-order designs and a consistent commitment to quality for more than 60 years.

About Hallmark Nameplate

With more than 60 years of experience in nameplate development, Hallmark Nameplate prides itself on printing high-quality industrial nameplates with a strong commitment to exceptional service to its customers. The company closely with customers to ensure that their metal nameplates meet their specific needs and requirements.

To learn more information about the new fiber laser cutter and the metal nameplate process, visit https://www.hallmarknameplate.com/services-products/metal-nameplates

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