Hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyer Adam M. Lustberg Releases Article on When a Drug Offense Becomes a Felony

Hackensack criminal defense lawyer Adam M. Lustberg (https://www.lustberglaw.com/blog/drug-offense-felony-new-jersey/) of Lustberg Law Offices has recently released an informative article on when a drug offense becomes a felony in NJ. As the opioid epidemic continues to be a serious issue in the United States, the number of people being arrested and charged for committing serious drug crimes is also on the rise. However, many people are unaware that drug crimes can be graded as criminal offenses of varying degrees. In the article, Adam M. Lustberg provides insight into when a drug offense rises to the level of a felony in New Jersey.

As a skilled Hackensack criminal defense lawyer with years of courtroom experience defending clients who are facing drug-related charges, Adam M. Lustberg understands the importance of protecting one’s rights and freedom when charged with a drug offense. In the article, he provides valuable information on the factors that influence whether a drug crime constitutes a felony or a lesser offense in New Jersey.

The Hackensack criminal defense lawyer explains that the critical question one needs to know the answer to after being arrested for a drug crime in New Jersey is when a drug crime rises to the level of a felony. he notes that the answer to this question is usually determined by a number of different factors, including the type of drug, the quantity or weight of the drug, and certain aggravating factors. If someone is charged with a drug offense in NJ, contacting a skilled NJ drug crimes lawyer is crucial.

According to Adam M. Lustberg, those drug crimes that involve the possession of significant amounts of drugs, the possession of Schedule I or Schedule II narcotics (such as heroin or cocaine), and the possession of drugs with the intent to knowingly distribute or sell the drugs to others are more likely to be graded as a felony offense than as a lesser offense.

The article also discusses how it is possible to have a first-offense felony charge dismissed in New Jersey. If someone’s defense lawyer can prove that the way the drugs were found was flawed, their legal representative may be able to argue to have their case dismissed. Completing a pre-trial intervention program can also help dismiss the charges.

Adam M. Lustberg and his team of skilled drug crimes lawyers at Lustberg Law Offices understand the importance of creating a solid defense strategy to help clients receive a more favorable outcome.

Lastly, Adam M. Lustberg’s article provides valuable information on when a drug offense becomes a felony in NJ and the factors that influence the grading of a drug offense. The article also highlights the possibility of having a first-offense felony charge dismissed, and the importance of contacting a skilled NJ drug crimes lawyer if one is charged with a drug offense.

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