$H3RO3S Gets Listed on KuCoin, Brings World’s First Real-Life P2E Platform to a Wider Audience

Getting listed on KuCoin means more Heroes can join an innovative new platform and support global expansion.

London / Mediaroom / H3RO3S (read HEROES), the world’s first real-life Play 2 Earn platform, is all set to be listed on KuCoin tomorrow, i.e.As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, it brings different earning models with it. A popular one is play-to-earn or P2E. Much like it sounds, gamers can play online to win digital currency. H3RO3S has reinvented this concept by turning gameplay into tasks and creating a unique real-world network. 

This network is about to get a lot bigger because, on Friday, December 17, 2021, H3RO3S will be listed on KuCoin. H3RO3S CEO Greg Crous shared, “KuCoin is the world’s largest social trading platform which boasts one out of every four crypto holders. H3RO3S is currently comprised of 45 members, a number that will likely see exponential increases. By getting listed on KuCoin, H3RO3S aims to reach a wider audience.”

Meet Your New H3RO3S

If you are still asking what H3RO3S is, it can be defined as a platform where friends and strangers complete local tasks for each other to play, earn and stay in touch while maintaining social distance. This platform was initially geared toward students as COVID procedures crushed the “Student Experience,” plus it allows them to earn digital currency.

Earlier in September 2021, H3RO3S had closed an oversubscribed seed and private round of funding. Gains Associates, CSP DAO, and Evan Luthra led the initial funding rounds amongst various other investors.

Getting listed on KuCoin falls at an ideal point on the H3RO3S road map. The platform was launched in Q1 of 2021 and was represented in London area universities. The H3RO3S marketing system, where local businesses can be listed as accepting the awarded currency, went live at the time of launch as well. “With a goal of H3RO3S being represented at all UK colleges and universities in 2022, the KuCoin listing could not have happened at a more opportune time,” stated Crous.

While crypto can seem intimidating, H3RO3S has eliminated this concern through a simple registration process, matching talent to tasks, and customized user experiences. As the platform hopes to have a presence across the entire UK, the exchange activity will now be supported on a much larger backbone that can easily handle what will probably be a sizeable influx of new H3RO3S.

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