Guide To Financial Literacy & Investing For Women Released by Invested Mom

Invested Mom has released a new guide that helps women who feel overwhelmed by the subject of money boost their financial literacy and take control of their financial future. The platform brings a human touch to a subject many women find intimidating with an easy-to-understand resource tailored to the needs of the beginning investor.

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As more women are advancing in the business world and earning higher incomes, demand for financial literacy courses and other resources that take the mystery out of investing is soaring. The new 11-step guide at Invested Mom gives women the tips and information they need to overcome debt, increase their financial literacy, and begin investing for future financial freedom.

The first step in creating a viable investment plan, says the guide, is determining short and long-term goals. Whether that means saving for retirement, creating an emergency fund, legacy building, or all of the above, every plan needs a goal to be successful.

The guide also advises women to assess their risk tolerance. Some portfolios include a mix of low and mid-high-risk investment vehicles while other plans involve a simple strategy built to stand the test of time. Either way, understanding where money is being allocated is vital, says Invested Mom.

From there, the guide explains how to open the right type of investment account, how to begin investing, how to monitor investments, and more.

In today’s economy, it can be easy to rely on credit to fund entrepreneurial pursuits, purchase big-ticket items, or finance a much-needed vacation. Financial experts agree these types of decisions are not wrong, per se, but living outside of an individual’s means and relying on credit for everyday purchases can quickly snowball into debt that’s difficult to climb out of. The 11-step guide available at Invested Mom helps individuals struggling with debt build a plan that takes them from debt, to financial literacy, to investment expertise.

“My goal is to take women from overwhelm to financial literacy with a human approach,” says Inge, Invested Mom founder. “Learn how to get out of debt, invest, and create financial freedom on your own terms.”

With their newly released 11-step guide, Invested Mom is giving women the important information and guidance they needed to control their financial future.

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