GTO Aluminum has Developed a New, Innovative Way to Install Aluminum Cladding!

Las Vegas, Nevada Dec 5, 2022 ( – GTO Aluminum USA, an aluminum cladding and siding company founded in 1993, has recently developed a more efficient way of installing aluminum cladding known as the ‘Universal Aluminum Click-Profile System.’ It is a line of innovative products that provides a variety of solutions for fast and decorative cladding. This system is great for DIY because of its quick and easy installation – the results look amazing without any visible screws or marks. Moreover, it is 4x faster to install than any other competitor on the market. This product serves contractors as a means to save time, money, and workforce. In a matter of hours, the customer will achieve a custom design that fits their needs by choosing GTO’s specialized systems.

When asked why they chose aluminum over wood, a GTO spokesperson said, “Aluminum is very lightweight, eliminating the tedious heavy lifting up flights of stairs or needing a second hand. In addition, it requires no maintenance, is fire-resistant, environmentally sustainable, and easy to assemble.”

They also added, “Wood, on the other hand, rots in humidity, attracts bacteria, needs continuous maintenance as it deteriorates over time, and is not fire resistant.”

GTO Aluminum also offers a Universal Slide System, which is just as easy to install. One portion of the universal profile would be drilled in with screws, as the following profile slides in on top and covers the screws of the one beneath it. This provides a very sleek, sealed, modern, and clean finish.

GTO Aluminum considers its product quality as its top priority. They claim that their products are a great option for a greener solution and contractors always prefer their product over any other. Normally, contractors need to take down half a wall to replace one damaged profile. However, if you have GTO Aluminum products, you just slide them out and click on a new one instead. You can easily lift it up a ladder because of its lightweight nature, and it requires no welding or surface prep. You save time, money, and headache with one simple solution.

They pride themselves on providing their customers with superior-quality products and advanced installation systems. To explore more about them and their innovative products, you can visit their website: or contact them at Las Vegas, NV – (702)-260-8829 or Los Angeles, CA – (424) 522-2143.

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