Ground-Breaking Art Agent Jose Mauricio Mendoza Is Now Representing World Class Art Clients

Art agent Jose Mendoza

Art agent and author Jose Mauricio Mendoza is a prolific art agent, author and public figure in the world of art. Often known for exposing fake art, he is now representing world class art clients such as the Snitkovsky Art Collection Estate.

Palm Springs, California Jun 21, 2023 ( – Known widely for representing world class clients, Jose Mauricio Mendoza is a unique art agent and a political author. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he is championing artistic authenticity by exposing fake art, and the fake stories being told through art. Throughout the years, Mr. Mendoza has carved a distinguished path in the competitive landscape of the art world by guiding the careers of exceptional artists, while also safeguarding the integrity of the industry.

Now representing the Snitkovsky Art Collection Estate, Mr. Mendoza is passionate about bringing Janet Snitkovsky and her late husband Emmanuel Snitkovsky’s unique story to the forefront of the international art scene. Hailing from Ukraine and having immigrated from the Soviet Union in the 1970s, the husband-wife artist duo used art to express their innermost beliefs and views. One of the collections that Mr. Mendoza is currently representing is titled ‘The Kidnapping of Europa’. This highly thought provoking collection uses Greek mythology as a metaphor for the current situation in Ukraine.

A spokesperson for Jose Mauricio Mendoza made an official press statement to discuss his work with the Snitkovsky Art Collection Estate, “The Snitkovsky portfolio is not only immense but also emotionally charged and vibrant. The Snitkovsky painting collections represent the life long journey of an innovative husband-wife artist duo who captured their lives on canvas. While some paintings still remain at the Snitkovsky’s Palm Springs home, Mr. Mendoza is curating gallery shows and private sales for many of the paintings through appointments only.”

With a keen eye for talent and an innate understanding of artistic vision, Mr. Mendoza does not shy away from critically observing even the most touted and revered pieces of art. He went viral in 2021 when he wrote a book about the now iconic Golden Trump Statue and revealed some of its hidden secrets. Mr. Mendoza is currently leading a team of experts for the authenticity testing of two very famous Picasso paintings, ‘La Mujer Desnuda‘ and ‘La Pareja’.

Always striving to bring unique experiences to the world of art, Mr. Mendoza is also in talks to turn his passion for exposing fake art into a TV series titled The ‘Picasso Effect‘. With his unyielding pursuit of artistic authenticity, Mr. Mendoza embodies the very essence of a visionary art agent. He is highly dedicated to championing extraordinary talent and advancing the realm of artistic expression.

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