GroProfits Disrupts the Way B2B SaaS Companies Structure Their Go-to-Market Teams by Placing Priority on the Customer Journey

GroProfits draws upon decades of experience to strategize with successful Online B2B Businesses to take their operation to the next level by focusing on Revenue Growth Opportunities.

Currently trending, “RevOps” is the up and coming “official” department for “Revenue Operations”. This “new” department is best known for installing a common language across Go-to-Market teams (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success) to align, optimize and unify the departments to further enhance the experience for customers.

GroProfits took this concept and crafted a unique methodology that amplifies the focus of the customer’s journey.

GroProfits offers a one-to-one three day strategic service that optimizes the companies’, vision, people, strategy, cash flow, and data by working step by step from the top of the funnel straight through to the referrals, reviews and renewals. As a result, GroProfits’ customers receive a well-orchestrated customer-centric roadmap for their departments to implement.

According to Co-Founder Sherry,” We strive to empower business leaders to build a customer centric business that focuses on the customer’s journey first. Our goal is to build systems that unify their Go-to -Market teams with the main objective to make the lives of their people easier and more impactful. The work becomes streamlined and teams can thrive. GroProfits believes that the customer’s happiness is the key success indicator in any business.”

Benefits Include

  • Tactical strategies are delivered with a personalized hands-on approach to unify a business’s Go-to-Market teams.
  • The team from GroProfits gets down in the trenches within a business’s GTM departments to create data-driven results that always put the customer’s journey first.
  • Focused heavily on the referrals, reviews, and renews, results in churn are dramatically decreased, LTV’s are increased, and organic revenue skyrockets.
  • While in the weeds, the GroProfits team also evaluates expenditures to remove costs that are not adding value to the growth and scalability of a business.

According to Co-Founder Todd Michael Cohan, “GroProfit’s certified team of coaches all have entrepreneurial and Scaling Up experience within their own businesses. They know first hand how to apply them in your business in the ways which will make Scaling Up your company to 2x your Cash Flow, 3x your Profitability and 10X your Valuation.”

About Sherry Thacker:

A true entrepreneur since 1996, Sherry Thacker is no stranger to the world of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Fulfillment. Sherry has owned and operated businesses in retail, car leasing, a fitness facility and most recently an online coaching business for the last 15 years.

Sherry is an author, speaker, and podcaster and is now a co-founder of GroProfits with Todd Michael Cohan.

About Todd Michael Cohan:

As the Co – Founder of GroProfits, LLC, Todd Michael Cohan is a Certified Scale Up Strategist and growth expert who works with CEOs, Founders and investors, scaling high value companies to exits around the world.

For more than 30 years Todd Michael has built, scaled and sold businesses in various industries. The most recent company he founded was bootstrapped, built and scaled to a global mobile technology provider resulting in a successful exit to a billion-dollar private equity company.

Outstanding Outcomes Include:

  • 10-20% increase in sales productivity.
  • 15% increase in profitability.
  • 19% increase in speed of growth.
  • 100-200% increase in digital marketing ROI.

The Co-Founders of GroProfits believe so strongly in their methodologies and processes that they guarantee results or a client does not have to pay.

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