Vehement Media Network vs Clickfunnels – Reduced Cost with all the bells and whistles has just announced its new endeavor, to take on Clickfunnels services with its own Website / Funnel & Store Builder at a reduced cost with all the bells and whistles included. This looks to be great news to all Online Marketers and should prove fortunate to anyone looking for Affordability & a 1 Stop Shop for everything you need to build a profitable online business.

Further details can be seen at, a popular Website / Funnel / Store Builder based in Florida, has decided it will make a real push to be known for its reduced cost with all the bells and whistles and become the number one choice for Online Entrepreneurs searching for an affordable platform – who may be thinking about choosing Clickfunnels instead.

Ziyaad Erasmus, Business Promotor at, says: “We wanted to give our beloved audience all the tools they need and we’re now making a bit of noise about it because it is affordable and can do everything clickfunnels does and more .” has tried to separate itself from the competition since its inception, striving to do better than other Websites & Funnel Builders around. This new endeavor is just one of the many ways it plans to continue standing out.

Ziyaad is also very pleased about the business we helped to achieve their financial goals and believes this is a key motivator for customers who have decided to go with them in the past, as opposed to Clickfunnels, since 2019.

This announcement is a great opportunity for folks who want Affordability / Trust and Reliability to try out the new Groove platform provided by – so the call goes out to new and existing customers, who can expect to enjoy the best buying experience possible.

Ziyaad Erasmus also said: “While might not be the first of the only ones in the world to be doing this, we extremely confident we do it the best and so Online Entrepreneurs will continue to choose us over Clickfunnels since we deliver on our promises, not just that but your first 3 sites are absolutely free (no limitations).”

Further details can be seen and their Reduced cost with all the bells and whistles can be discovered at

102 NE 2nd St Suite #930 Boca Raton

United States

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