GRIPS Tough Beaded Towels, Scrubbing Wipes For Professional Cleaning Launched

The new multipurpose GRIPS towels are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and can be used for kitchen, bath, auto, appliances, or general clean-up. MightyGood’s oversized professional-grade towels are formulated with Vitamin E and aloe extract to keep its user’s skin healthy and moisturized.

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GRIPS heavy-duty cleaning towels can be used for mechanical, construction, painting, and agriculture applications to remove tough stains. The new beaded towels feature thick absorbent fabric and are available on Amazon and Walmart for shoppers across the country.

The oversized, professional-grade towels are dual-sided, with built-in scrubbing beads on one side to remove tough grime and stains without scratching the surface beneath, and a smooth surface on the other that is ideal for clean-up. MightyGood’s GRIPS Tough Beaded multi-purpose towels can be used for dry grime, and customers get to choose from either cherry- or citrus-scented towels to cover up strong odors after cleaning.

The GRIPS tough beaded towels come in a dispenser tub containing eighty professional-grade towels. The tub features a handle for convenient movement while cleaning. The wipes measure 10″ x 12″ and feature a blend of fibers that makes them ideal for cleaning grease, grime, dirt, oil, paint, adhesive, and caulk stains.

To meet the demand of campers, hikers, and others requiring transportation convenience, MightyGood offers the same GRIPS tough beaded towels in a smaller pack containing twenty professional-grade wipes. The GRIPS To-Go pack still features the same material used in the original oversized version, allowing customers to clean tough stains on the go.

About MightyGood

MightyGood began in 2012 as a precision manufacturer of plastic consumer goods and has since expanded to produce health and hygiene wipes and rapid diagnostic testing kits. Ben Rendo founded the company to fill a gap in the healthcare and retail markets by creating high-quality products at a low cost.

A spokesperson for the company said: “By designing products that hit these criteria, we can ensure high performance for our retail and healthcare partners. Our product lines are third-party tested to ensure high utility, durability, and customer satisfaction, and our innovative items have been featured on Good Morning America and in Forbes.”

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