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GreenTrust Token: A Sustainability Alternative to Typical Crypto

Cryptocurrency and blockchain financing have been suffering from a black eye lately because the traditional form of crypto mining generally involves a high demand on the standard power grid.

And that drives up the need for more electricity consumption as well as the additional fuel sources needed to create that electricity. While some countries have focused on producing energy from solar or hydro sources, many other countries with significant crypto-mining operations rely on their power from dirty sources like coal and similar.

An Alternative to Polluting Crypto

Alternatively, imagine a cryptocurrency purposefully designed to be compatible with sustainable objectives and the environment. Instead of producing waste, the crypto coin produces value and net gain. There are no negative side effects and downstream losses. It can operate on a viable and valid blockchain network, the Binance network, and it still provides the exponential benefits of blockchain data transfer, value exchange and more. This is the concept with the GreenTrust token.

Originally put out on the Binance network in April 2021, the Green Trust token was intended to hit two goals right away: avoid creating more pollution and energy waste problems in its product, and boost computational capability. GreenTrust token is strategically focused on merging the power generation sector with cryptocurrency mining. Developing expertise and knowledge of green technologies, GreenTrust aims to bring renewable energy solutions for powering blockchain mining operations. Additionally, The GreenTrust network is committed to planting new trees to offset the minimal carbon footprint it does create, producing far more positive impacts than what typically occurs with other cryptocurrencies.

Making a Point on the Blockchain

The GreenTrust token is one of the few options that pushes the green economy proactively into the blockchain environment to stop carbon emission damage in the physical, real world. Further, every commitment and staking adds to the carbon sequestration with new trees adding oxygen and reducing greenhouse gases in real-time application. The other big currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple can’t say the same.

Granted, there are lots of choices on the Ethernet now for digital cryptocurrency investment and value staking. However, it’s time for financial digital power to go beyond just the basic purpose of producing gain and making a profit. It’s time to also push the blockchain to producing greater change than simply moving financial assets from one network to another. The GreenTrust token does exactly that, helping people engage blockchain in sustainability, reducing the negative effects of prior crypto mining, and helping preserve the world, maybe as a better place for the next generation at the same time. 


GreenTrust token