Greenix Pest Control Expands to Kansas City to Extend its Service Delivery

Overland Park, Kansas – Pests and bugs, besides being annoying and unwelcome guests, are potential health hazards as most make ideal vectors for disease-causing microorganisms. This is not to mention the destructive ability of some. As a result, it is paramount to remove them with due urgency upon noticing the earliest signs of infestation. Keeping pests at bay all year round has been made easier for the residents of Overland Park, Kansas City, thanks to Greenix Pest Control. Since beginning its services in the region, the company’s exterminators have focused not only on removing pests but on keeping them out for the long term. This dedication has significantly increased the demand for their services, necessitating expansion.

All the cogwheels in Greenix Pest Control’s operational clockwork have intermeshed to perfection, often resulting in swift and efficient service delivery each time. Over the years it has been in service, the pest control company has recorded a consistent surge in its customer base, with most of its clients comprising loyal clients and new referrals. Greenix Pest Control recently announced the expansion of its service scope and service areas around Kansas City to satisfy a growing demand for its services. This move effectively cements the company’s position as the ultimate go-to pest control company in Overland Park and its surrounding area.

Greenix Pest Control’s loyal clients will be happy to know that along with the company’s expansion came a continued commitment to maintain, if not improve, its pace-setting service standards. Its exterminators employ tried-and-proven pest control Kansas City techniques to eliminate a wide range of interior and exterior pests, each time with a customer-satisfaction guarantee. Common pests they are adept at preventing or removing include but are not limited to mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps, ticks, fleas, stink bugs, ants, rats, and mice.

The pest removal specialists from Greenix Pest Control consider their time-tested, 5-step extermination process a fool-proof remedy because of its tendency to always deliver the desired results, no matter the nature or scale of infestation. It proceeds systematically from; eave sweep and dust, crack & crevice treatment, exterior perimeter spray, and granular pest barrier placement to home interior protection. Aware that no single extermination process can be substantial in keeping pests away all year round, the company exterminators recommend signing up for their extended protection plan, which also comes with significant cost benefits.

While commenting on why customers can never go wrong by hiring their exterminators, a company spokesperson said, “Our clients trust us because of our attention to detail and commitment to being the most responsible, eco-friendly pest control company providing lasting results. Whether you discover an infestation or want to protect your home from future invasions, Greenix Pest Control is here for you. We provide four-season protection against over 50 different pests. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide quarterly treatments, re-services for pest pop-ups between appointments, unparalleled service, and lasting results.”

Visit Greenix Pest Control’s website at for more information about its services. Potential customers can contact a company representative at 913-308-0740 for queries. The company is located at 4331 Merriam Dr, Overland Park, Kansas, 66203, USA.

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