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Green Wojak: Defi’s biggest reward generating token. Earn BNB by holding.

In the world of trading the biggest deciding factor is not when you buy, but rather when you ultimately sell, everything in between is noise. That final sale decision point is tough, and statistically, most get it wrong. The majority of people sell when they should buy and buy when they should sell. 

So, why choose Green Wojak? ($GWJK)

Green wojak set out to solve 3 issues encountered in early defi coins.

  1. Losses from large holders (whales) dumping the project.
  2. Losses from devs rugging a contract via large unlocked wallets.
  3. Losses from buying and selling at the wrong time.

To avoid the first issue, 1.5% was set as the max holding value per wallet. This was done along with a 55% supply presale to avoid whales and bot snipers. However, the real winning formula comes from the “whale tax”. Selling over a certain percent of supply will cause 70% of the tokens to be immediately burned while only 30% are actually sold. This has and will continue to help avoid dreaded price dumps. 

The next step was to ensure there was no way the project could be “rugged”. 20% of the supply was launched as a Liquidity pool and locked on Dxsale for a period of one year. A 10% Marketing wallet supply and 15% Community Rewards supply were also locked via contract lock for a period of 2 months.This means that the remaining 55% of tokens available are owned by the community, currently with no wallet owning more than 1% of total supply.

The last step was to encourage holding and earning rather than taking losses from buying or selling at the wrong time. Green Wojak implemented the below fees to encourage holding, while also ensuring they are the highest reward earning token. The below fees help with high rewards and price stability (anti-stress feature).

Green Wojak is the highest earning reward token on BSC

  • Buy Transactions: 20% fee -> 15% to community in BNB, 5% added to the Liquidity Pool (LP)
  • Sell Transactions: 30% fee -> 22.5% to community in BNB, 7.5% added to Liquidity Pool

Green Wojak ($GWJK) Tokenomics

Token Ticker: $GWJK

Contact Address: 0xe9bc708d74a20fc07d7c98a72f3972651dce6255

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Fair Launch Presale: 55% of total supply

Liquidity Pool: 20% of total supply

Marketing: 10% of total supply

Weekly Community BNB Rewards: 15% of total supply

Green Wojak Development Roadmap

Q3 2021:

  • Adoption of BNB Reward
  • BUSD Reward Development
  • Marketing & Partnerships
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Green Wojak White Paper
  • BSC Scan verification
  • Weekly Community rewards

Q4 2021:

  • Exchange listing
  • Launch of BUSD Reward
  • Cross Chain Implementation
  • Contract Audit
  • Green Wojak Merchandise
  • Wojak Game Development

Q1 2022:

  • Expand Wojak Home
  • Further Cross Chain Implementation
  • Expand Partnerships

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