Green Energy Content Marketing Service Launched By FIREWORKS Communications

FIREWORKS Communications to unveil SolarFire Media for Solar, Green and ESG Companies

FIREWORKS Communications is proud to launch a content development, branding and content marketing program in January of this year. Offered initially to Solar, Green and ESG companies, the customized, services program will expedite the process for these companies to expand their reach.

SolarFire platform offers content creation and promotion on platforms reaching over 10 million consumers per month.

The team at SolarFire media has worked with hundreds of clients creating quality articles, podcasts, videos, and other types of digital content. They utilize unique strategies and tools to make the process of increasing visibility both cost-effective and seamless for FIREWORKS clients.

Although the SolarFire media service can benefit any client, Cynthia Baker of FIREWORKS Communications wants to focus on serving solar, green and ESG clients starting in 2023 and provides a special service to them since “their success is our success” when climate change is reduced.

“Solar and green companies need to educate their public on what they can accomplish and how they can reduce climate change,” states Baker. “Often their products and services are complex and require more explanation. Massive content campaigns give the company the time needed to discuss the industry issues they are addressing. With this background, the company can then share their expertise and build brand authority.”

With complimentary consultations in January on strategy and the applications of the SolarFire content service, the FIREWORKS Communications team will support green tech companies with a marketing edge over competitors in 2023. FIREWORKS is providing personalized support and pricing for green technology companies to set a 2023 marketing plan that can be accomplished without slowing down the in-house team.

Unlike most competitors, FIREWORKS can assist clients with marketing strategy, content development, repurposing of content for different mediums, and ensuring optimal digital distribution. The quality and quantity of informational content published naturally builds brand awareness, traffic, and Google rankings as well as visibility online and brand credibility.

As an example, solar solutions do not consist of simply solar panels, but include battery storage, maintenance programs and even back-to-the-grid solutions. The benefits and requirements for tax breaks also differ from state-to-state. Vendors can get a head start on the sales process by educating the public on these products and services so they are informed consumers ready to make a decision. Also, by building a marketing plan for utilizing major and long-tail keyword strategies on each service or product, a client will gain stronger and stronger Google rankings over time.

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is.” commented American Journalist, Chris Anderson. The FIREWORKS Communications team understands that reality and uses the SolarFire content tools and strategies to get clients in front of millions of media site visitors and gain the best rankings on Google in the process.

About FIREWORKS Communications

The FIREWORKS Communications team focuses on developing brand authority for Solar, Green and ESG companies. They work to gain a marketing edge so these companies can make a difference in combating climate change and helping the Earth. The FIREWORKS Communications’ team uses proprietary strategies and tools to manage content development across a wide-ranging network of online media partners.

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