Gravitee Now Inviting Developers to Try its API Management Solution for Free

Leading API management platform, Gravitee, is now providing a free plan, allowing developers to try the solution before they buy a subscription plan.

The company offers three paid pricing models–named Planet, Galaxy, and Universe–allowing businesses to choose the plan that helps them scale up as needed. In addition to those, it now offers a free open-source edition with features like API management, access management, and community support included.

The features offered in the free plan are, of course, not as comprehensive as the ones offered under the paid models. However, it should provide a snapshot of what developers could expect, states the company.

Gravitee is particularly confident that the most attractive feature that might tempt potential customers is the speed offered by the platform, which is four times faster than other similar solutions.

However, it is the features that are included under API management that the company is relying on to bring in and retain customers.

The API management solution promises to be lightweight and effective in addition to being fast, claims the company.

In addition, the company states that the event-native API platform is also protocol-flexible and enables easy protocol creation. To make the process easier for developers, the solution provides 50 pre-built policies for faster API publishing and consumption.

The developer portal allows easy publishing so API consumers can understand and use APIs easily.

The solution is also compatible with event-driven architectures, making it suitable for synchronous as well as asynchronous APIs. Additionally, the company says it provides load balancing and failover so that API requests are always satisfied.

In a large development environment, where multiple developers are working on a project, it can be difficult to track who made what changes. To mitigate this, the platform offers logging and audit trails.

The highly granular logging means no information is ever missed, explains the company. At the same time, the audit trails allow enterprises to monitor behaviour over time.

Developers can also make use of the debug mode, which helps quickly identify and resolve issues with APIs before they reach consumers.

Finally, the platforms allow developers to choose whether to deploy their API as code or through the Gravitee console UI.

The company asserts that these features are complemented by usability features that make the platform valuable to developers. One such feature is the analytics dashboard which gives enterprises a better understanding of their API’s usage.

It also offers response templates, which can be used to override default values in consumer API calls and a notification feature to communicate with consumers at the platform or API level, explains the company.

In order to promote APIs for increased visibility, the platform offers a rating feature, which users can take advantage of to rank their favorite APIs.

These features, combined with access management tools offered under the free plan, are designed to help businesses make the most of their APIs, claims Gravitee.

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