Grantham Private Hospital For Self-Referral Knee MRI & No Waiting List, Update

Though it’s estimated that there are over 500 MRI scanners in the UK alone, it can often take weeks or months to get an appointment because they are in such high demand. The newly updated self-referral program offered by Open MRI utilizes a no-waitlist policy, helping clients access the scanner as quickly as possible to reduce the chance their injury may become worse during the wait.

More information about Open MRI, the self-referral program, and online booking can be found at

Accessing the expanded self-referral program online or over the phone, clients can book their MRI directly if they already know which body part needs to be scanned, or schedule a pre-MRI consultation with the medical team for more information. The pre-scan consultation and post-scan discussion are both included in the program, as well as a digital copy of the client’s MRI scan.

By partnering with MSK Doctors, a private clinic specialising in musculoskeletal conditions, Open MRI can offer referrals for advice and treatment at a preferred rate. It is also possible to schedule an in-depth review of the scans, where clients can go over the results slide by slide with a consulting orthopaedic surgeon, either in person or online.

Open MRI has the only device of its type in Lincolnshire county, which offers several advantages over a traditional MRI scanner. With an Open MRI, it is possible to get dynamic scans of joints in motion, scan body parts that would be difficult or impossible with a standard MRI, and scan claustrophobic patients comfortably.

A standard appointment includes one MRI scan, though clients can choose to have up to three body parts scanned per visit. Each additional scan adds 40 – 50 minutes to the appointment. Dynamic scans, which capture the joint as it’s in motion, can take up to 90 minutes per appointment.

Though Open MRI offers a full range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options through its partnership with MSK Doctors, the clinic focuses on regenerative medicine. It is known for using innovative surgical techniques that reduce trauma to the patient and shorten their recovery times.

A spokesperson for Open MRI said, “With the clinics in London Harley Street and our own computer vision robotic centre in Lincolnshire, we can help patients access the best technology for treatment and diagnosis.”

More information about the Open MRI self-referral program and pre-MRI consultations can be found at

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