Grafton, MA Whole-Food Cleansing & Detox Holistic Health Program Expanded

The center’s expansion will introduce natural cleansing and detoxification programs for increased energy, better digestive health, and enhanced mental clarity.

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Poe Holistic Health’s new services have been developed as a natural approach to managing discomfort and chronic pain caused by various health conditions. The center offers holistic programs that supplement conventional medicine treatments targeted at achieving optimal health.

Over 75% of respondents in a National Institute of Health survey claimed to have used detoxification therapies to address gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, and other health conditions. According to the survey’s accompanying report, this result indicates an increasing interest in effective detoxification therapy to improve general health.

Poe Holistic Health creates unique cleansing and detoxification programs using a standard process that focuses on organic whole food consumption as a natural way of purifying the body system. The center emphasizes healthy lifestyles including whole food, nutritional shakes, and regular exercise.

The center’s specialists provide holistic therapy programs, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and addressing clients’ specific health concerns. They work closely with clients to target the root cause of ailments and create customized holistic health plans tailored to meet pre-determined health and wellness goals.

Poe Holistic Health offers other holistic therapies like Bioresonance, which uses advanced alternative medical procedures to determine nutritional imbalances, environmental intolerances, and metabolic health. Apart from holistic therapies, the center offers various other alternative practice treatments, including naprapathy, herbal therapy, and homeopathy.

About the Center

Led by holistic health consultant Dr. Kristen Poe, Poe Holistic Health employs effective alternative practices to address various conditions and help clients achieve optimal health. The center’s holistic therapies use natural remedies to alleviate chronic pain, strengthen immune systems and provide relief during the allergy season.

A satisfied client said, “I’ve had digestive issues for over 25 years, but after just five months of working with Dr. Poe, I feel so much better. She listened to my concerns, addressed them, and generally made me comfortable during my consultation.”

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