Graftless Solutions For The Edentulous Patient Launched By Saj Jivraj, DDS MSEd

This new book from Dr. Saj Jivraj, Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient, is the second edition of a well received text exploring improvements and advances in several key areas of dentistry.

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While dental implants are not new, this revised second edition covers a range of innovative and improved techniques for the rehabilitation of fully edentulous patients. It explores traditional graftless procedures, as well as zygomatic implant strategies that can be effective when posterior support cannot be achieved by other means.

The new clinician’s guide was written by a collaboration of specialists, teachers, and practicing professionals who provide these techniques at their own private clinics. Dr. Saj Jivraj has personally been using these advanced techniques for approximately 20 years and has become known for his full-mouth restorations, and single-day implant services.

With the new techniques, Dr. Saj Jivraj has been able to provide teeth in one day on dental implants in less time than the traditional procedures, and with no bone grafting required. The clinician’s guide explains this process step-by-step, including proven techniques for the placement of traditional tilted and zygomatic implants, and for immediate loading of a full arch restoration.

While the book initially focuses on the implant procedure itself, it also covers a wide range of related topics, such as the optimal materials for full arch restorations, laboratory requirements, maintenance procedures, and techniques for managing complications caused either by the prosthetics themselves, or surgical complications.

One reader said, “This is an excellent clinical guide, covering a range of emerging new techniques in implant dentistry such as graftless procedures. It is very accessible in my opinion and I feel it would be beneficial to all implant dentists at various stages of their career.”

About Dr. Saj Jivraj:

Dr. Jivraj operates a private dental practice in Oxnard, CA, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, where he has become well known for his All-On-4 implant procedure and single-day services. He has lectured both nationally and internationally on the topics of implants and aesthetics and has published over 60 journal articles and several books on related topics.

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