Grab the Finest Payment Solution for your Global Business and Reduce the Risk of Loss

The coronavirus pandemic has turned international payment processing to digital first. And as both businesses and customers share the amenity delivered by payment gateways, there appears to be no shifting back. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 attack in 2020, the volume of online payments rocketed. As per Visa, tap-to-pay transactions expanded by 160% just in the month of March. Meanwhile, new mobile banking registrations increased by 200% in April last year, which also produced the mobile banking traffic improve by 86%.

After all, being able for online payment processing is preferably the most vital part of operating an online business.

Now when you are probably acquainted with the different payment modes, debit and credit card payments, and even eWallets such as ApplePay, etc. What you may not be aware of is how perfectly they work on a website.

Well, the clear answer is using an international payment gateway.

International payment gateway precisely allows your global customers to provide their payment details securely and even also interact with your bank to assure the payment is legal.

But, what are the top leading international payment gateway providers?

Through this article, we have listed five of the most popular high-risk payment gateway services worldwide. Presenting primary details and covering almost everything from the advantages to payment gateway fees.

  • Stripe

Stripe is the top leading payment service provider specified for high-risk businesses. Along with the company states to manage billions of transactions annually. The major difference between this service and many others is that it isn’t an out-of-the-box solution. Rather than, you are offered various flexible tools to personalize your own payment processors

Developed for huge firms, it offers a superfluity of APIs that enable you to get your own subscription services, on-demand marketplaces, or crowdfunding platforms. Stripe delivers a specific advantage to Europe-based merchants. As card processing fees for European cards are 1.5% + a basic fee per transaction. For non-European cards, processing fees are more classic 2.8%, plus a small fee per transaction. Furthermore, for huge volumes requirements. It has a personalized plan with larger discounts.

  • Adyen

The next on the list is Adyen. It is built with a modern infrastructure that links to more than 180 payment modes and credit card networks globally. Adyen has become a top leading high-risk payment gateway service provider around the world. And is even preferred by major brands like Microsoft, Uber, etc.

Apart from this, it is available in countries across Europe, North America, and Africa, which is basically a perk if you are going to expand globally. When it comes to cost, Adyen’s fees vary relying on the market and the payment mode the customer prefers. Please note, however, that there are no monthly charges or integration charges. But they also have a minimum billing of $120 monthly. For merchants in the Asia Pacific, this is $1,000.

  • PayCly

Next on our list is PayCly, which facilitates online payments for online businesses, and mobile and website development. It arrives with a reliable high-risk payment processor for merchants and customers. This indicates that you can incorporate it with all top marketplaces and shopping cart platforms and allow direct payments. Similarly, you can use it to create unique desktop and mobile applications for SaaS, gaming, and many more. Such an assortment of merchant and developer-friendly features are exceptional in this industry.

How does PayCly work? The company assists you to extend your online business by providing 110 payment types, in 100 currencies and 29 different languages. It is completely executable and available in 180 countries and links automatically to an international network of acquiring banks to assure the best transformation rates for each user. It is also well-known for its Subscription Billing Structure. So, users can modify their recurring billing standards, arrive at more people globally, and allow them to pay without the risk of entering credit card details.

  • Worldpay

WorldPay is possibly one of the most popular high-risk merchant account service providers, processing 43% of transactions in the UK alone.

The company’s reach does expand beyond the UK, providing around 200 payment modes and credit card networks in more than 140 countries. More precisely, merchants can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go pricing model that incurs a 2.72% rate on both credit and debit card payments, along with a 20p fee. And reduces the debit card transaction cost to a 0.74% rate.


Managing more than 1 billion transactions every year. Visa-based is another leading high-risk payment gateway provider.

Keeping this in mind, has two pricing structures. Gateway only, and Merchant Account and Payment Gateway.

If you’re going to assess their payment gateway service then you’re examining at £19 per month (besides VAT), £0.10 per transaction (besides VAT), and a set-up charge of £34.

For the other option, you will also assess an £18 monthly charge and a £34 set-up fee, yet, you will be assessed 2.48% and £0.14 per transaction. Even though with this choice, you will be able to take benefit of their extra services at no extra charges. This comprises access to their fraud prevention service, automated recurring billing structure, and digital invoicing.


Preferring from these top 5 international payment gateway providers already provides you an assurance of quality. In fact, understanding today’s best payment provider company is one of the primary steps before making a choice. 

We expect that one of the above-mentioned international payment gateway providers works for you and you can reach your international business development.