Gotbit & It’s Foundation Vision, Mission & Expansion Policy and Plans

Moscow, Russia / 3 November, 2021: Gotbit, an award-winning market maker & crypto consultancy was founded in 2017 by a team of professionals with blockchain and mathematical excellence. Founder & CEO, GotBit, Alexey Andryunin is known as a visionary in the crypto ecosystem. The Gotbit team aims to expand their impact on the ecosystem with the creation of “Gotbit Foundation”, an accelerator program investing early & promising decentralized projects. Gotbit started as a full-service consulting and development company focusing on Blockchain technology. The company since then has grown into one of the largest service providers for all things decentralized – from smart-contract development to marketing services and investor relations. 

Gotbit worked as a market maker and crypto consultant, and now they are known as an ICO accelerator and incubator. Gotbit, the company that has brought to life hundreds of cryptocurrencies and has grown a project portfolio of 100’s of projects is expanding its expertise globally. Gotbit strategically invests in early-stage blockchain technology companies by leveraging experience and expertise to identify unique opportunities.

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, and with a market capitalization of a few billion dollars, and investors in over 250 projects. The company was selected as one of the 50 best ICO accelerators in the world. Gotbit was selected among the 50 best ICO consultants by ICO-Rating. They have provided ICO advisory services to numerous companies, government bodies, and ICO enthusiasts and their partners include law firms, accounting companies, and ICO marketing agencies.

At the center of this expansion, there will be the Gotbit Foundation which will help accelerate and incubate new projects. With over 250 projects already live, multiple top 100 ICOs in the past few years, over 1000 projects built under their belt, they are ready to take this to build their own empire.

The Foundation incubated in Gotbit Accelerator will actively support startups and innovators by organizing meet-ups, hackathons, and other networking events. The Foundation would partner up with other accelerators and incubators to provide service to startups.

Gotbit Foundation will act as a catalyst and accelerator to help new projects grow faster. Gotbit is dedicated to building a global online community in the blockchain ecosystem. Their goal is to empower people to create value, with the best technology and practices for developing successful online products and communities.

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