Golf Fitness & Exercises For Improved Swing & Injury Prevention: Guide Released

In the new guide, Golf Online Today argues that by dedicating time and resources to fitness and exercise, golfers can gain an advantage over their opponents, boost their confidence and concentration, improve their swing, and prevent injury. The guide also recommends some golf-specific exercises that golfers can integrate into their workouts.

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Golf–largely due to the speed and duration of the game–has a reputation for being a sport that doesn’t require participants to be fit and healthy. Golfers themselves even overlook how important fitness and exercise are. But as Golf Online Today’s guide explains, fitness and exercise cannot only improve a golfer’s game but help keep their body in good condition so they can play later in their lives.

While golf is primarily a game of skill, golfers have to be physically fit to get around the course. According to the guide, they need to have the stamina, strength, and flexibility required to walk long distances, swing clubs, and execute different shots. By being able to do these things more efficiently, golfers can focus on other things like skill and technique, which in turn, will improve their overall game and give them an advantage over opponents.

Fitness and exercise also help boost confidence and concentration. Because golf is a mental game as much as it is physical, golfers must limit distractions and remain focused. By committing to fitness and exercise, golfers are less likely to be affected by outside factors and more likely to embrace challenges.

Lastly, through fitness and exercise, golfers can also improve their swing and prevent injury. Because exercise increases flexibility and range of motion, golfers can execute a more fluid swing. Exercise also strengthens the muscles used in the golf swing, which reduces the likelihood of injuries to the shoulders, elbows, wrists, abdominals, and back.

To help golfers who may not know where to begin regarding fitness, the guide suggests simple exercises they can do to get started. Some of the activities included are lunges with rotations, alternate lateral jumps, split squats, sword draws, and hip drops.

“Any golf weight training program worth its salt will have a few things in common,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It should be tailored specifically for golfers, emphasize exercises that improve flexibility and range of motion, and include a healthy mix of strength training and endurance-building exercises. If you can find a program that hits all these key points, you’re on your way to dramatically improving your game.”

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