Goldstone’s CEO Anthony Pellegrino Featured on The Bloomberg Advantage Podcast

Wealth management and retirement planning firm Goldstone Financial Group has announced that its principal and CEO Anthony Pellegrino has been featured on The Bloomberg Advantage podcast. An experienced fiduciary advisor, Pellegrino was invited to discuss investment strategies related to risk management.

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Talking to podcast hosts Carol Massar and Cory Johnson, Goldstone’s CEO Anthony Pellegrino discussed managing the comfort level for potential losses in the markets, advising investors to evaluate their appetite for risk.

“I believe investors should be evaluating what their comfort level for loss is, are they in types of investment accounts that have some type of a built-in floor of protection in the event of the market continuing to drop,” said Anthony Pellegrino, adding that his firm Goldstone Financial Group has been utilizing a couple of strategies for their clients.

One such strategy are tactically managed accounts which, says Anthony Pellegrino, allow the firm to shift resources into cash proactively; thus offering clients a certain degree of protection during market turmoil.

Along with appearing on The Bloomberg Advantage podcast, Anthony Pellegrino and other members of his firm have been recently featured on numerous TV networks, including Business First AM and ABC 7 Chicago – discussing the Silicon Valley bank frenzy and the impact of The SECURE Act 2.0.

About Goldstone Financial Group

Founded and led by principal Anthony Pellegrino, who has helped over 2,500 clients bridge the paycheck gap during retirement, Goldstone Financial Group specializes in wealth management, retirement, legacy, investment, and tax planning. The firm operates under the fiduciary standard and has several offices across Illinois and Tennessee. Anthony Pellegrino also hosts his own radio show ‘Securing Your Financial Future’, where he discusses comprehensive retirement planning and provides timely updates on all financial topics. ‘Securing Your Financial Future’ is available on-demand and live every Saturday at 10 am on WLS 890AM.

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