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Gold Mine in Yukon, Canada to Adopt BIoT (blockchain driven zero trust architecture) for secure data streaming using private statellite

BIoT is a zero-trust architecture, that enable blockchain driven, secure, immutable, and auditable data streaming technology that is being deployed on microgrids to secure energy production and storage systems for a mining facility in Yukon, Canada.

BDATA and MGRID Energy Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to promote and deploy blockchain-driven embedded security for microgrids and satellite communications networks.

Yukon, Canada – July 7, 2021 – Sustainable energy solutions provider MGRID Energy Inc. has announced an alliance with  BDATA, a premier Toronto-based blockchain innovator, to provide blockchain-enabled Internet of Things (BIoT) security solutions. These solutions will ensure secure, immutable, and auditable data streaming using a distributed network of devices with end-to-end data encryption, real-time intrusion detection, and vulnerability detection with end-point management.

“Partnering with MGRID Energy Inc. allows us to deploy BIoT technology on private satellite which are used for data streaming in remote location such as Whitehorse gold mining facility in the Yukon” said Syed Bari, founder and CEO of BDATA, “and we are excited about the partnership and its potential.”

BDATA’s blockchain-enabled SDK will be deployed on MGRID Energy Inc.’s AI-enabled IOT edge devices and communication system for secure data streaming, and comprehensive end-point monitoring and management of MGRID Energy Inc.’s microgrid infrastructure at a Yukon mining exploration camp. 

“Cyber security required at critical infrastructure is essential, our industrial-grade connectivity devices are an ideal fit for BDATA’s blockchain-enabled IoT solution,” said, co-founder and MGRID Energy CEO John Jensen. “We’re continually looking for domain-focused, strategic partnerships that help our customers achieve successful IoT connections—all more securely, and with fewer challenges.”  

BDATA’s blockchain IoT security solution offers the following features:

  • Blockchain driven, secure, immutable, and auditable data streaming
  • Machine-to-Machine Cryptographic Authentication 
  • Real-Time Intrusion & Vulnerability Detection
  • End-Point Management 

As part of its strategic alliance, BDATA and MGRID Energy Inc. will support each other in business activities to achieve a common goal of providing economical, feasible, and secure solutions for critical infrastructures.

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About MGRID Energy Inc.

MGRID Energy Inc. is a Yukon First Nations’s owned renewable energy company that provides reliable sustainable energy systems to companies who operate in Canada’s remote North.

We provide cutting-edge communication technology in off grid environments and have proven experience building and designing clean energy systems for a number of First Nation’s communities. MGRID Energy Inc. is currently expanding its offered services within the mining and oil and gas industries to provide secure and reliable satellite communications systems for remote work sites. Learn more at  . .

About BDATA Solutions Inc.

BDATA Solutions is an innovative blockchain and data-driven organization offering the world’s lightest BIoT (Blockchain Network of IoT) which consume only 50MB space on the device and require low processing power. BIoT is an award-winning embedded cybersecurity technology, which provides protection and prevention against cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure. Learn more at