Gold Coast Southport Tyre Expert Discusses Carbon Black Importance

Carbon black: How this product ensures strong and sturdy tyres and makes driving safer.

In the tyre industry, carbon black is used to strengthen and colour rubber. Made from a fine carbon powder produced from the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products, carbon black is used to reinforce tyres, making them more resistant against ultraviolet rays and prolonging their life span.

Chris Lett, Australian Tyre Recycler, and owner of Branigans Tyres, explains the vital role carbon black has played in the production of tyres.

Historically, the use of carbon black, as black pigment for paints and inks dates back to early civilisation. With the invention of book printing, in the fifteenth century, the demand for strong black pigment increased. Lamp black, a permanent and opaque pigment, was traditionally used for these colouring purposes.

In the first manufacturing processes of lamp black, wood was burnt under low air supply, and the smoke passed into a cone-like soot chamber where the carbon black settled on the walls of metal, wool, or linen. This was known as the channel black process. The charred wood was then sold as charcoal.

Since the 1950s, the channel black process has been replaced in the main by the furnace black process. Nearly all carbon black used in today’s tyres is produced by the furnace black process. Modern tyres are composed of several different rubber compounds, each containing special elastomers – elastic materials that retain their shape, after distortion – and special carbon black grades are needed for peak performance.

“Apart from the stabilising of chemical compounds within rubber, carbon black provides other benefits,” says Lett. “For example, carbon black improves the longevity of a tyre. Tyres can heat, particularly around the tread and belt areas. Should the heat become trapped, and not dispersed, the tyres can overheat and cause wear-and-tear. Luckily, carbon black is proven to help control the temperature of the tyres which can prolong the life of the tyre,” adds Lett.

Carbon black also prevents tyre damage from harsh Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Similar to leaving rubber bands or an eraser out in the harsh sun, rubber tires made without carbon black, can be prone to hardening, and will deteriorate due to the harsh UV rays from the sun, ultimately, decreasing the performance of a tyre. Simply put, carbon black deters the hardening of the tyres.

“Carbon black plays a huge role when it comes to tyre strength, performance, and durability,” says Lett. “Tyres are the most critical part of a vehicle, so, keep in mind that the sturdier and stronger the tyre, the smoother and safer the drive,” says Lett.

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