Market Watch An Innovation to Improve your Cybersecurity and Age Detection

The world has become a global village due to the internet, everyone is connected, but addiction of adult content is prevailing internet,  thus in this serious situation, the government and general public demanded controlled visit to this adult site, and prohibition of such sites from young children., age verification secure and anonyms:

  • It is a European website designed for age verification of the audience of adult sites, easy to use, and easy to comprehend.
  • Everyone can use this application, by viewing the demo, which is available for free, before the use of the application.
  • It is based on artificial intelligence.
  • Every device has a webcam, took the picture of CNIC with a front camera.
  • The system will cross-match photos of the client and date of birth.
  • After critically examining the face of the client and date of birth, checking the validity of information, it will allow access to an adult site.
  • All data will be confidential, with no chance of misuse or leak of information.
  • No issue of hacking and tracing is being reported.
  • It claims not only verification of client but protecting the privacy of them.
  • The information is deleted, from the system, so nobody gets a clue about your history.
  •, Age Verification Secure and anonyms, is the best online, age verification application, for effective screening of clients according to age group.


  • Xlovecam and works together, efficiently, for screening of individuals, for adult content.
  • Xlovecam is an adult site and provides adult content of a different kind.
  • There are online sessions arranged for their client.
  • Clients are free to choose their favorite performer.
  • They can be alerted about their performance.
  • They are free to have a conversation with these performers.
  • Even they can talk to them during sessions or performance through microphones.
  • All the history is confidential.
  • The payment is done online, through E.wallet.
  • Xlovecam not only entertains their client but also fulfills the demand of government, and forbid young children from their site.

Thee addiction to mature content is prevailing deep in the society, so parents are very concerned about their children, as these minors already have direct access to the internet and phones, and no doubt it is need of the hour to have an internet connection because we are living in the online market, all education institutes, markets games are facilitating online, so it is important to ensure only good and healthy use of these recourses.

Children with strong minds and strong bodies can lead this nation and their interest towards adult content at a very young age is a devastating and alarming situation.

It may also affect social norms and values, and the culture of the nation, increase the crime rate.

Promotion of inappropriate adult content is discouraging in all the nation for their betterment, as it will affect the mental peace, physical health, and socio status, and particularly among children, it is extremely forbidden.

We should be thanked full to, an innovative technology, which is playing a very important role, for effective screening of clients at the adult site.

It is designed according to the need of the government, keeping in view that everyone can use this application without any difficulty, it will efficiently facilitate age verification.