GlobalBase Upgrades Existing Infrastructure, in Preparation for Future Volatility

London, UK – As cryptocurrency markets become increasingly volatile on short time spans, international crypto trading firm GlobalBase has announced that it has recently performed and is still performing a series of maintenance and upgrade works on its proprietary platform. This measure is taken with the goal of improving speed and security, in preparation for any developments to occur in the next few months, regarding different crypto assets. These works will not be felt by traders using the platform and shall not affect the quality of service currently provided.

“Our platform is currently considered one of the fastest and most secure in the industry. We take pride in that,” commented GlobalBase’s spokesperson, “but we’re also thinking about tomorrow. Anyone with a bit of understanding in crypto can see that the rules are changing. We want to be ready for any situation, just like we’ve always been in the past. It’s part of the unwritten agreement we have with our clients, who put their trust in us and our services.”

Keep moving, to stay ahead of the game

With fluctuations on values of leading cryptocurrencies being a dominant factor in trading decisions these days, choosing a credible trading platform is highly important. Many new trading brands have recently entered the business, but unfortunately most of them do not provide infrastructure that is sufficient for proper trading. GlobalBase realizes how important this is for beginner and advanced traders as one, which is why the upgrade involves implementing the most cutting edge technology available on the market, alongside encryption techniques used by large financial institutions around the world.

“Our customers deserve to feel serene when they trade with us,” added the spokesperson. “Sadly, this is not a standard that most trading brands out there abide by. That’s why we don’t just aim to meet the highest standards of speed and security, but rather to set them for the rest to follow. Our partner traders know that this is our business approach, and I believe that is why they choose to trust us with their funds.”

About GlobalBase

Despite being a relatively new brand in the cryptocurrency trading scene, GlobalBase has already managed to acquire a base of thousands of recurring customers from around the world. This is mainly thanks to the brand’s proprietary platform, usable on any type of device without the need to download software in advance. The company is also known to excel in the level of support service granted to traders on many different popular channels, such as email and live onsite chat. All traders enjoy the same trading benefits, since there is only one standard account.