GlobalBase Launches New Crypto-Focused Trading Website and Platform

In accordance with the rising demand for virtual crypto trading, crypto trading platform GlobalBase has announced the launching of a new trading website, suited to the conditions of cryptocurrency trading in 2021. This website, equipped with a unique web-based platform, is already on air and operating as of today, open to traders from around the world (where local regulation does not prohibit this type of commerce).

“This venture is exciting news for us and our loyal customers,” said GlobalBase spokesperson, and added that “the website may still be taking its first steps on air, but we are already seeing a high level of interest from traders across the globe. There’s no doubt that it’s partly because of what’s going on in the cryptocurrency market these days, but it’s also a sign that traders are showing trust in us and in what we have to offer.”

Secure trading in a volatile environment

With the rush of the general public to the crypto sector comes high market volatility, which in turn makes trading these assets riskier. That’s why GlobalBase has developed a trading platform with the highest levels of security and fund safety in mind. Incorporating cutting edge technology and infrastructure, the company has managed to retain both speed and security for the comfort of all traders worldwide.

However, in order for traders to truly prosper in these conditions, more than just a mechanism is needed. Aware of that, GlobalBase’s new website also incorporates live support and customer service via online chat and a direct messaging service. Users requiring additional support can also contact the company via email, with representatives working 24/6 to answer every question or request. Aside from that, individual advising is granted to all customers, regardless of the amount deposited by the client. A blog, rich with content, is also available to all users.

“I can truly say that we’ve cherry-picked the best of the best in the industry to be part of our team of experts and analysts – and they are at the disposal of our clients, should they need them,” explained the spokesperson. “Our company philosophy is that our clients’ success must be a result of the tools they are given, therefore we must stop at nothing to make sure we provide traders with only the most credible and updated knowledge and information, especially those just starting their journey in the cryptocurrency world.”

About GlobalBase

The company specializes in online cryptocurrency trading, with a team of brokers and analysts who have all obtained professional education and ample experience. All clients are entitled to the same conditions when trading through the brand’s platform, since there are no different account types. GlobalBase boasts a collection of tens of different tradable crypto coins, including major names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, alongside trending and promising ones. All assets on the company’s list are selected by GlobalBase’s crypto experts, with profit potential for the long and short term in mind.