Global Pairs Broker Reports March Madness: These Stocks Are Down Big, But Could Bounce Back Soon!

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Stocks have been crashing this year, but there is still an opportunity in the market. With inflation on everyone’s minds and interest rates about to shoot up (or already did), you may be wondering if now would actually make sense as an appropriate time for investing your money or not so much? Well don’t worry just yet because we’ve found some stocks that could help take care of any jump- scares along with crushing potential – meaning they’re worth buying even at these low prices!

Anthony David Pennetti, a broker from Global Pairs contributor has identified three top growth stocks that are primed to rebound and deliver big wins for investors. The first is Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), which falls more than 25% from its all-time high in October of last year but still remains the best idea!

A candidate on our list comes courtesy of Jack Dellasom – an expert trader with 30 years’ experience under his belt who manages money at IQLast Titans &Minimoys Fund-, he thinksTracker SA could be set up nicely after falling over 50%.


Jason Hall is PubMatic’s CEO and he recently sent out this message to all stakeholders: “The stock may be falling, but we’re on the rise.” With a 50% increase in organic revenue through Q3 2021–something Jason attributes directly back to their sell-side platform which helps publishers maximize ad dollars while also maximizing returns for advertisers!

PubMatic is one of the fastest-growing social media companies in America, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, their net income was up 118% from last quarter thanks to an incredible 157% increase spent by advertisers on our platform!

PubMatic has been doing outstanding in thethatir business with a stock price drop of 26% this year and 64 percent from its high. With these numbers, you would not know that Pubmatic’s success is due to an amazing platform which seems appealing for both sides as well as a strong management team who have created something wonderful out of it.

Draftkings: Why DraftKings is falling and how you can profit from it?

Draftkings is falling along with the broader sell-off of unprofitable growth stocks. The company has experienced a rough start to 2022, having already lost 27% since January 1st this year – its largest decline in six years! It offers consumers real money gambling on daily fantasy sports as well as mobile betting for iOS and Android devices; it also provides iGaming content through their apps or websites wherever you go online (Facebook Messenger?). Draft Kings’ revenue grew from $192 million back in 2017 alone ($1B annual haul now) which accelerated rapidly each consecutive full calendar year until 2021 when they hit an incredibl $e2.27 billion; up from the $1.5B in 2020!

The company is still posting losses, but you can be sure that with a growth rate like this, they will turn profitable very soon and when they do, their stock price will jump back up to where it was before. So if you’re looking for a stock that could rebound strongly very soon, DraftKings is a great option!

The DraftKings app is now live in 17 states, giving users access to legal mobile sports betting. Customers love how convenient it can be for them when they’re on-the go and have an impulse buy deep inside of their brain but need time before making a decision or simply don’t know where else play! 

Legalization has been gaining momentum recently as more governments see tax revenue from these activities rather than having physical casinos which take up space too close together (and thus reducing traffic).

Online gambling is becoming more popular as people turn away from traditional casinos. With the potential for smaller overhead costs and less risk, it’s no wonder why so many have shifted their bets online! And while some sites like DraftKix are able to make money hand over fist in this new era of gaming… others aren’t luckier than before despite lavish investments into marketing campaigns only aimed at enticing newcomers with promises that profitability will come eventually if not now then later on down the road once enough time has passed since opening day.

The company has made excellent progress and offers investors a lucrative reward for the risk. Investors can feel good about adding DraftKings to their portfolios in March because they know it will be profitable, even though there’s still some uncertainty around this new business model! The company is making excellent progress and offers Risky investors a lucrative reward, so there’s no time like the present!

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