Global fashion brand DeFacto empowers women with latest social initiatives

Online General Manager, ?nder Senol, spoke at the UN Women’s Conference CSW67 in New York to share insights into the action is taking to support those affected by Turkiye’s recent earthquake–and how it is working to empower women in the workforce.

New York, 09 March, 2023 – Global fashion brand DeFacto, based in Turkiye, attended the ‘Commission on the Status of Women CSW67 (2023)’ at the United Nations in New York to discuss DeFacto’s humanitarian efforts in the wake of the earthquake that struck Turkiye at the start of February–as well as its social initiatives to empower women.

Mr. Senol participated in three on-site panels, the first of which, organised by BPW Spain, discussed digitization as a path to gender equality and empowerment, a topic which closely aligns with DeFacto and DeFacto Technology’s ethos. The other panels covered topics including the ‘Economic Empowerment of Women through Innovation and Sustainable Development Goals’, as well as the importance of education and financial independence to help fight gender inequality.

Throughout his speeches, Mr. Senol drew attention to DeFacto’s efforts to mitigate the earthquake’s destructive effect on Turkiye’s next generation–children across the country. Within the framework of the agreement signed with the Ministry of Family and Social Services, DeFacto have now agreed to meet the clothing needs of the children sheltering in earthquake zone, until the end of 2023. Additionally, DeFacto has established the structures through its e-commerce platform to accept orders and deliver the necessities to those in need, without any commercial purpose and under the coordination of the authorities, as part of the “Earthquake Relief Mobilization,” launched by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkiye.

Online General Manager, ?nder Senol added, “Speaking at CSW67 for the fifth-year running has been a pleasure, and I am delighted to be part of the global movement to promote women’s empowerment and equality. DeFacto is committed to bettering the lives of women across the globe, through our initiatives that mobilise both technology and education. Following the toll the earthquake took, we assessed what we could do to expedite the recovery efforts and mobilized all our resources for the people of Turkiye.”

Addressing the importance of education and support for holistic youth development, Mr. Senol highlighted how DeFacto empowers women working at the company with its ‘Happy Women Movement’–the success of which is testament to the company’s workforce made up of 53% female employees across 90+ countries, a large proportion of which hold management positions. DeFacto’s Online General Manager also outlined its upcycling collaboration with vocational schools as part of the ‘Dreams made of fabric’ project. The initiative teaches female students in these institutions develop one-of-a-kind products, which are then sold in support the Hope for Cancer Children Foundation (KACUV).

Speaking in relation to CSW67’s theme of ‘innovation, technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls’, Mr. Senol called attention to DeFacto’s entry to the Metaverse with 3D models of the products designed by students from the ‘Dreams made of fabric’ project. Customers can also purchase these products online at


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