GirlCratery’s New Fun STEM Activity Boxes For Girls Encourage Independence

The newly updated boxes are built on the feedback and insights gained from engaging with the GirlCratery target demographic: girls 5 – 11 . The goal at GirlCratery is to open young minds to activities that don’t cost a fortune yet lead to hours of independent fun and/or time spent with parents, siblings, friends and caregivers.

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In today’s world, social media has become a key influencing factor among children and teens. By introducing youngsters to activities outside of that realm at an early age, parents can spark their child’s interest in skills-building activities, STEM concepts, nature, and their community. The newly updated line of specialty boxes at GirlCratery helps girls 5 – 11 develop a sense of independence and empowerment through activities that encourage knowledge-seeking and show them how to spread kindness and joy among friends and family.

The GirlCratery organization was inspired by the benefits young girls gain when they’re part of clubs like the girl scouts. Hand-curated activity boxes bring these same benefits to young girls through membership subscriptions that surprise them with a new gift box delivered to their door each month.

Under adult supervision, girls can learn how to make jewelry and crafts, how to bake, and can even learn more about their environment through geocaching, camping, and road trip adventures.

Activities and stickers rooted in science, STEM, gadgets, gizmos, fitness activities and more help build confidence within young girls while educating them about the world and their place in it.

With new and exciting projects designed to engage young minds, GirlCratery helps kids keep boredom at bay through hours of time spent learning new skills and developing new interests outside of digital media.

A GirlCratery club member says, “My daughters love the diversity of the activities they get to enjoy each month and have a great time finding their inner crateologists. The activities and products in each crate are always fun and engaging.”

While GirlCratery boxes have become popular among the Girl Scouts and other girls’ clubs, the newly updated range of themes helps develop curiosity and independence with hands-on activities young girls can engage in at home.

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