Gilbert, AZ Employers Liability & Work Comp Insurance Coverage Video Released

In its new video, Insurance Brokers of Arizona also aims to demonstrate the continuing importance of sufficient workers’ compensation insurance policies. It advises that such coverage is essential in modern business practices, potentially protecting employers and employees alike in the event of legal action.

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The newly released video notes that, with the exception of businesses in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming, employers’ liability should be included in work comp policies. As such, most workers and business owners in the majority of states are automatically covered by what Insurance Brokers of Arizona describes as a protective measure against lawsuits.

For states mentioned as not including employers’ liability in their work comp, the Arizona insurance agents emphasize the advantages that can be gained by purchasing such policies. Their video points out that the coverage can provide business owners with much-needed protection against negligence-related lawsuits and accusations of blame regarding workplace injuries.

It largely does this, as demonstrated in the video, by covering legal defense fees extending to lawyer and courtroom costs. The video cites the example of a chef holding their employer responsible for an injury sustained due to faulty equipment. It states that employers’ liability would come into play here, helping businesses through legal action and any settlement processes.

On the part of workers, the video mentions that workers’ comp policies, including employers’ liability, will cover employees for lost wages as a result of work-related illnesses or injuries. Further, it explains that the far-reaching coverage will also extend to punitive damages claimed by family members of employees.

Accordingly, the video argues that independent of the mandatory requirement to include employers’ liability in work comp policies for most states, its continuing benefits are vital.

As said in the video: “If you have even just one employee, not only is it the law that you carry work comp, it’s important to carry work comp insurance to protect not only your employee from getting hurt, but also your business.”

In support of local businesses, the video mentions that Insurance Brokers of Arizona provides suitable consultatory advice on matters related to workers’ compensation insurance and employers’ liability. The agency offers both online and over-the-phone contact options.

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