GIBXSwap listed in LBank, setting off a wave of enthusiasm

Upsurge has been no stranger to the cryptocurrency market in the past several years. Therefore, there are higher requirements on the part of users and the whole ecosystem for projects, mainly focusing on security, efficiency, liquidity, and decentralization. While DeFi, Polkadot, NFT, ETH2.0 and other projects or models quickly came into sight in 2020, the initial model did not have much innovation, and the hype space can still radiate to the next stage. The GIBXSwap release will be launched on LBank in the near future.

As an investor, if you want to do asset management in advance, you must understand the new GEM earlier than others. GIBXSwap, recently launched on LBank, is a decentralized exchange based on an automated market-making mechanism

GIBXSwap is committed to providing DeFi with real value, fairness and innovation through high-quality products and services. GIBXSwap is fast and safe, anyone can exchange and earn tokens.

Unlike other trading platforms, GIBXSwap returns transaction fees to users, and the amount of return depends on the percentage of the transaction pair and the transaction volume. For example, if 1 BNB is exchanged for USDT, a transaction fee of 0.3% will be charged, that is, 0.003 BNB, and part of the fee will be given according to the share of the LP provider in the mining pool. After the transaction is completed, the system will immediately refund the transaction fee as a percentage of the transaction volume.

LBank is a distributed community autonomous trading platform with community as the core and POB mechanism as the consensus. Community opinion leaders, top media, and blockchain research experts provide media resources and regional influence for online projects. It can enjoy the rights of community-wide fee reduction and exemption.

GIBXSWAP launched a new decentralized currency “X”, the new currency is the core token of the GIBXSWAP platform, which can be used for voting, repurchase, fundraising, trading and earning coins. The emergence of “X” is mainly due to the gradual increase in the circulation of the original GUSDT market, and the market value urgently needs a larger carrier to achieve breakthrough growth; the market needs new currency to stimulate it. The maximum supply of “X” is 1 billion, and the block reward: each block rewards 20 “X”s. “X” open source code. At the same time, “X” will support the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol of BSC, HECO and ETH, using “dual mining incentives through liquidity mining and transaction mining”, which can enable participants to obtain maximum returns and seamless integration Binance and Huobi have huge global traffic and head resources.

At the same time, GUSDT™ is mandatory to bind GUSDT™ as the platform currency, and GUSDT™ can discount the transaction fees of GIBXChange platform and GIBXSWAP platform transaction fees. Users who participate in transactions on GIBXChange platform, no matter what tokens are traded, need to pay For transaction fees, if you hold a full amount of GUSDT™, the system will give discounts on the fees you need to pay.

The newly launched GIBXSWAP is open: liquidity mining, transaction mining, asset cross-chain functions, and the board of directors mechanism will be implemented. The GIBXSWAP board of directors mechanism pledges designated LP and single currency, and can divide “X” according to the proportion of locked position. “X” will have a complete repurchase mechanism. Every quarter, part of the GIBXSWAP platform profits will be used for repurchase and airdrop “X”. The repurchased “X” will be directly destroyed, and the repurchase record will be announced as soon as possible. Users can query through the blockchain browser to ensure openness and transparency; the “airdrop” part will be allocated according to the weight of each pool, and then dug out according to the proportion of the locked position. In other words, “X” is a deflationary currency. With deflation and high liquidity, you can earn passive income by holding the currency!

The launch of GIBXSwap on LBank will adhere to the development trend of follow-up imitation and integrated innovation. In order to meet the basic needs of the market, both transactions, the establishment of liquidity pools, and liquidity mining will be fully deployed. Committed to making GIBXSwap the next benchmark in DEX!

The value of GIBXSwap, which focuses on mainstream cryptocurrencies, is predicted to continue growing, shortly after its recent launch, and its price has the potential to reach record heights.

GIBXSwap is affiliated to GIBX,an international comprehensive Internet brokerage firm created by GIB Global Investment Bank & Capital Trust and a digital asset trading platform covering forex functions. GIBX has teamed up with world-renowned cryptocurrency platforms and top liquidity providers, including but not limited to: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs etc. in order to provide users a more transparent and convenient trading experience. As a financial trading platform regulated by international authorities such as FCA, ASIC, NFA, GIBX strictly follows all rules and regulations and uses reliable risk management solutions to ensure the safety of users’ capital. Being safe, fair, open and efficient, GIBX demonstrates to the whole world its strengths and influence, and that it has become an important choice for the new era of investment. With the new era of investment coming, GIBXChange will work with investors to seize new investment opportunities and open the new era of wealth