Getting the Most Out of Google Ads for Shopify

Big companies such as Adidas and Microsoft are known by everyone. They may not need to put up ads to increase brand awareness.

Google ad is among the most useful resources in today’s advertiser’s guide. It has also become the favorite tool of Shopify businesses as it can work wonders when it comes to boosting conversions.

This potential to make sales has made many Shopify sellers eager to know how they can exploit Google ads for Shopify. Google ads work great to pinpoint prospective consumers and get them to revisit your Shopify store to make them convert.

Let’s see how a Shopify seller can capitalize on Google ads on Shopify

Your Ad Copy and Site Copy Should Complement Each Other

Say, that your Google advertisement reads “trendy men’s smartwatches and”, your landing page’s contents should promote “men’s smartwatches” or fashionable men’s smartwatches”.

But, if your ad sends visitors to a landing page that boosts men’s watches or trendy watches, the consumer will feel clearly disconnected. This can decrease your CPC (cost per click) leads.

Buyers are disappointed when they click the link to your site for a certain product, only to find out some other product, they can abandon without buying anything.

Enhance Your Landing Page

Landing page optimization is key to success in online advertisements. Try out different landing page aspects like CTAs or color palettes. Then, examine what group of landing page elements is the most successful in prompting customers to hit the buy button. If you are confused, get professional help from a company that deals with Ecommerce Website Design in Dubai.

Evaluate Visitor Information

Have you ever clicked the behaviors tab located on the dashboard of Google Analytics? The data found there is a goldmine to get insights into your consumers’ desires and requirements.

For instance, if the number of retreating users is lower than new users, work on your brand awareness. Thus, create a Google ad for your Shopify store focusing on informing your prospective customers about your business in better great ways.

Make the Most of Branded Search

This is a pro-tip if people find your brand’s products by name on Shopify. You can capitalize that user behavior. Find out what keywords your consumers use while searching for your business. If you find keyword research difficult, you can take help from an experienced digital marketing company in Dubai.

Utilize those particular brand keywords in the Google advertisements for your Shopify campaign. In this way, you would be able to directly reach those buyers and encourage them to grab the most amazing deals and discounts on your website.

Apply CTR-Friendly Strategies

Your conversion rate should be directly proportional to your click-through rates. The CTR signifies how many times users who view your ad/product listing actually hit the click button.

Here are some smart tips to increase CTR rates instantly.

  • Employ keywords that agree with the consumer’s intent
  • Exploit title letters in the content of your Google ad
  • Try out and hone ad frequency

Negative Keywords Can Help

Negative keywords are keywords that block your ad from being activated by specific words/phrases. Simply put, you ask Google to disregard some keywords by providing it with a list of words that are negative keywords. Thus, your ads won’t be shown to the users who search using those phrases. It can boost both your profits and the number of clicks.

Decide on Your Bid

Calculate how much money at maximum you can spend for a visitor hitting your ad’s link to your website. To do that, you need to compare the return on investment (the money these consumers may spend) with the price of outbidding your competitors.

Write Winning Content

Read the below-mentioned tips if you want to know the secret ingredient to successfully increasing your CTR.

  • Prompt visitors with a compelling and clear CTA
  • Sprinkle the ideal keywords
  • Offer them something unique such as same-day delivery

In the end, check your billing details and remember to incorporate your coupon. Then recheck your settings, craft your campaign and see the clicks pour in.

Don’t Restrain Yourself Because of a Tight Budget

Your success should not be hindered by a low budget. Rather, guide your advertising by its money-making and eventually just try to reach your pre-set ROI.

Don’t become like those businesses that restrict the possibilities of growth by setting fixed budgets. Increase the money you invest if, say, for every 1 USD, you are making 5 USD after removing the marketing charges, the cost of goods, etc.

Wrapping it up

Google ads is among the several Shopify marketing strategies used to prompt the new audience to buy from your Shopify shop. Your job is only to make sure your brand can manage and facilitate a rise in orders in your store.

Using some smart strategies, you will turbocharge Google Ads to attain a sky-rocketing conversion rate and resultingly, an aligned ROI