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Ft Mcmurray, Alberta Dec 10, 2022 ( – Estate planning is crucial for everyone, but unfortunately, many people miss out due to making unnecessary delays in creating unexpected mental incapacity, or abrupt death. However, to make the estate planning journey easy, Wassiyyah has come up with an easy, tax-efficient, and reliable solution approved by estate planning experts. The company also provides lifetime premium memberships which include paramount benefits. The estate planning service provider can empower individuals and families in need, for those who cannot afford the higher estate planning cost. The features of Wassiyyah are specially built to provide solutions that are simple, modern, and efficient.

Wassiyyah helps to create many types of estate plans. The primary purpose of this estate planning service is to enable people fulfilling their debt obligations, protect wishes, and values, and provide solid protections to inheritors by accomplishing inheritance duties not limited to moral, legal, and religious. Wassiyyah provides exclusive services that thrive to help communities worldwide. The company also provides an extensive guide through articles in the areas of Inheritance and estate planning.

The company values inheritance tax planning as it is a crucial component of estate planning. Usually, the estate plans offered by Wassiyyah have in-built tax efficiency, which offers greater benefits in the future. It enables people to create a country, and jurisdiction-specific estate plans in various sectors such as Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Pour-over Wills, Power of Attorney, Deed of Gift or Hiba, Letters of Wishes, and the list goes on.

While most estate planning services are quite costly, Wassiyyah is making a difference with its cost-effective plans that fit within everyone’s budget and also offer greater benefits in the coming days. Creating an estate plan does not require special skills or a huge investment with Wassiyyah. The company has made the process super easy, so everyone can create their own estate plan without any hassle or legal obstacles. The company’s years of expertise ensure that the estate plans would be functional and practical.

Wassiyyah is well-revered for its effective estate planning solutions and is also an academy of learning resources provider with basic to advanced courses. Starting from the Islamic inheritance course and estate planning course to the Islamic bioethics and advanced healthcare directive course, and more. It is not just a learning course, as there are many indirect benefits in pursuing these courses, enabling customers to optimize their estate plans. If a person is looking to learn Estate Planning or to gain more knowledge in the field to become well-versed in estate planning, Wassiyyah has many guides available for free. For more information, visit

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