Get the Advice of Expert about your Skin Care

If there’s anything positive about confinement, it’s sure to take the time to develop good skincare habits. Esti Prager, Miami spa consultant, shares some of her secrets.

  • Daily cleaning,
  • Daily hydration,
  • Beautiful weekly exfoliation.

Then adapt the care to the type of skin.

Dry skin needs hydration, but oily skin benefits from the converging effect (to control the secretion of the sebaceous glands), and combination skin needs a balancing effect. The product you choose will have the desired effect on your skin type. Changing your skin type and making it drier or oilier. External factors: food, pollution, temperature.

This is a daily routine.

Apply the treatments one at a time and layer the layers in a specific order. This technology maximizes the absorption and efficacy of each treatment while boosting skin hydration and radiance.

The first step: clean the skin

Contrary to what I’ve been thinking for a long time, it’s not a good idea to wash your face with the same soap you use for your body. Your facial skin is thin and does not have the same needs as it is more vulnerable to the elements and pollution.

Skin makeup remover: When applying makeup, it is important to double clean the skin. First, choose a creamy makeup remover. Removes makeup and dirt from the face, neck, and eyelids in one go to keep skin moisturized. Perfect for dry skincare.

Step Two – Deep Cleansing Skin (Optional)

Follow with a sulfate-free effervescent cleanser to deepen and cleanse skin and pores, especially if you have acne or an uneven skin tone (dry, frustrating, greasy, etc., in some places).

Step 3 – Tonic Lotion

To rebalance your skin’s pH with a simple application, Toning Lotion not only cleanses your skin but also soothes your skin to reduce shine and help rebalance it after rinsing. Use a non-alcoholic toner. Essences, oils, and moisturizers are a kind of shield that protects your skin.

Step 4 – Apply the serum.

Essence is an ultra-light formula with ultra-concentrated active ingredients. It quickly penetrates the skin and reaches its deepest layers. Therefore, it is applied first. They are ideal for local applications to meet specific skin needs such as wrinkles and redness. It can also be applied to the entire face for a more global fit.

Step 5 – Apply the oil (optional)

The ideal oils for treating some topical problems or simply improving the hydration and suppleness of the entire face provide many benefits to the skin. Therefore, it is applied immediately after the serum.

Step Six: Moisturizing

Refreshments are one of the last steps. It is presented in the form of a gel or cream, depending on the skin type. It acts on the most superficial layers of the skin. In addition to its moisturizing effect, this treatment maximizes its effectiveness by synergizing with pre-applied care products. Start with a moisturizing cream around the eyes and apply the moisturizing cream to the face.

Step 7: Sunscreen: (Optional)

Finish with an SPF 30 sunscreen, which is the most important step in combating premature aging during the day, especially if you plan to spend the day outdoors.

Now you have all the basic steps you can do every day at home. Remember to wait 30 seconds to 1 minute between each treatment application until the product fully penetrates the skin.

In addition, the main thing is to drink plenty of water, which not only helps in keeping your skin well hydrated but also helps detoxify your body successfully. The attention that does not cost. Water, water, water.

Immediately after deep cleansing the skin, you can complete your skincare routine once or twice a week with a scrub or mask (step 2).


Once a week, you focus on deep cleansing in the shower: it doesn’t clog your pores and thus gets rid of the dead skin that pollutes your face, so it makes sense that you look good.