Get Published on 75+ Google-Approved Crypto Sites for a Boost in Traffic Get Publicity on 75+ Google Approved Crypto and Blockchain Sites for an Overnight Boost in Rankings, Reputation & Traffic” service will soon be able to get involved with Blockchain Boost Marketing. Today Kat Hood, Head of Marketing at Blockchain Boost Marketing releases details of the new “Get Publicity on 75+ Google Approved Sites”. This is like no other marketing opportunity for this niche.

The Get Publicity on 75+ Google Approved Crypto and Blockchain Sites for an Overnight Boost in Rankings, Reputation & Traffic Service is designed to appeal specifically to Companies and Individuals who have a Crypto, DeFi, or NFT project that needs more attention, exposure, and ranking.

This is the expertise and access that Blockchain Marketing Boost has- This feature was included because the fastest way is to have interesting newsworthy content written about any project and published on industry-focused news sites. This is great news for the consumer as producing and publishing content is the key difference between projects that thrive and grow… and projects that fade into obscurity, as investors lose faith, lose trust, and sell..

Gain Trust & Authority – This was made part of the service since the Crypto industry has evolved and gained more mainstream attention, it’s become essential to win attention and trust.. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because To do that, a business simply MUST be publishing content AND getting that content seen on trusted, authoritative sites specializing in the crypto industry..

Hyper-Targeted Traffic – Blockchain Boost Marketing made sure to make this part of the

“Get Publicity on 75+ Google Approved Sites”. Why? Getting and article on a niche-specific site will gain exposure in a niche, but will also give the site niche-specific backlinks. Leading to more traffic, increase SEO, and more business.

Customers of Blockchain Marketing Boost will appreciate this because of traffic, backlinks, and an increase in rankings!

Kat Hood, when asked about the “Get Publicity on 75+ Google Approved” said:

“Content is King – we have heard that many many times. But where does the content go? How do you get it in front of as many eyes as possible? The answer is mass distribution. But how do you get it approved? We have that solution. We have made the contacts that will get your article published in over 75+ Crypto, Blockchain & Defi niche-specific sites that Google Loves. “

This is the latest offering from Blockchain Boost Marketing and Kat Hood is particularly excited about this launch because this new service to this very exclusive and in a booming niche. After over 12 years in the online marketing and SEO field, this is the first time to have had access to such a niche-specific tool. Getting one article on a tanked trusted is site is great – well over 75 is just AMAZING!

Those interested in learning more about Blockchain Boost Marketing and they are “Get Publicity on 75+ Google Approved Sites” the website at

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