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Philadelphia, PA – Many personal injury victims in Philadelphia quickly realize the difficulty of dealing with insurance companies or pursuing third-party businesses/corporations. While signing settlement forms and cashing a check is ideal, insurance companies undermine negotiations, undervalue a claim, ignore legal requirements, or deny liability to save them money. Fortunately, experienced attorneys at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers take the confusion and frustration off victims’ shoulders by handling the investigation, negotiating with at-fault parties, or building a personalized case for trial.

Medical professionals and healthcare facilities help patients recover from conditions, injuries, and illnesses through medication, emergency services, surgical procedures, or medical devices/accessories. However, countless patients get injured or die due to medical negligence, necessitating representation from a Personal injury attorney to fight tirelessly and secure economic and non-economic damages. At KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers, attorneys handle cases of misdiagnoses, medication/surgical errors, birth/brain injuries, nursing home abuse, and many more. Although medical negligence cases are complex, the attorneys understand Pennsylvania’s statutes, rules, and regulations to prove fault, determine liability, and make fair lawsuit offers.

Victims of car, rideshare, semi-truck, motorcycle, boating, bus, pedestrian, bicycle, and train accidents can rely on the law firm for moral and legal support. Dealing with the fallout from an auto accident is hard, even with an attorney’s insight which is why a personal injury lawyer Philadelphia intervenes to gather evidence, question witnesses, hire experts, reconstruct accidents, and create specific legal strategies. They pursue negligent drivers for using the phone while driving, overspeeding, disobeying traffic rules/signs, driving while fatigued, failing to yield, tailgating, operating under the influence, disregarding blind spots, and many more.

KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers also represent employees in manufacturing, construction, assembly, and other workspaces when they suffer workplace injuries. Worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory for employers in Pennsylvania, whether full or part-time. It should cover medical bills and lost wages for employees injured on the job or a lost loved one in a workplace accident. An attorney intervenes to review case details to discover if a benefits claim is viable and handle the process on behalf of the injured party.

With so many personal injury attorneys working in the Philadelphia area, victims or their loved ones need to find one who prioritizes clients’ needs and works aggressively to acquire maximum damages. Clients of KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers receive reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, and respectful services regardless of their types of injuries or overall health/legal goals. The attorneys are down to earth and available for case updates, phone calls, emails, explanations, concerns, or questions.

To schedule a consultation, call (215) 939-4895 or visit their website. KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers are at 115 S 8th St Suite 5, Philadelphia, PA, 19106, US.

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