Genius ERP & Salesforce CRM Software Integration For Small Businesses

Commercient has launched the SYNC data integration app, which acts as a connector between the Salesforce and Genius ERP systems. This integration will allow different teams throughout a workforce to communicate and share information seamlessly, giving sales and logistics teams access to the same information across systems.

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This SYNC app is the latest in a long line of integration solutions from Commercient, which has already built powerful bridges between some of the most widely used ERP and CRM solutions on the market.

This system will allow manufacturers who use Genius ERP to manage their operations to access sales and accounting data through the same centralized platform. The integration is intended to streamline different business processes and operations.

SYNC also allows those same companies to build a strong foundation of customer satisfaction, given that customer records are available through an accessible integrated system rather than placed into a separate database.

Much in the same way, the system is intended to make tax payments and audits easier as well due to the consolidation of financial and customer data.

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Commercient’s system preserves custom workflows and increases the suite of tools available to those working within both Salesforce and Genius ERP. The same is true for other custom database components such as orders, invoices, and objects – the integration seamlessly transfers the data of both cloud systems.

Commercient has built this service and its requisite application in order to provide their users with digital management technology that can be integrated quickly into existing infrastructure and is also friendly for small businesses. Typically integrations of this magnitude take months to reach full operation, whereas SYNC can be installed much quicker.

More information regarding these add-on programs is available on the Commercient website.

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