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Gearing Up for Fire and Rescue Service

Fire and rescue are two words that often go together. Usually, there is someone or something that needs to be rescued whenever there is a fire no matter how small or big it is. This tandem is like an expression of cause and effect. Yet that is the beauty of it. There is always a solution that comes shortly after a problem.

Responding to emergencies related to fire requires expertise especially that you will jump into danger. That is why the fire rescue victoria is extensive with the fire department choosing only the best men and women to join them in their ranks. You can never know what scenario you will arrive at each time the fire alarm goes off.

Why People Choose to Become Firefighters

Thousands of men and even women train to become firefighters. Others continue to volunteer in their local fire department even after they retire. Why is that so? Beyond the fire and smoke, firefighting has its perks and advantages.

  • Fire and rescue response gives you the adrenaline rush. If you are the bold and adventurous type, this career will be fulfilling for you.
  • For those who are into community service, this is a good profession to be in as it is all about helping people.
  • Work schedules and shifts are flexible.
  • Work policies are often drafted in a family-friendly manner to ensure there is a balance between your job and family.
  • In most territories, firefighters are well-compensated. Overtime at work is paid too.
  • The longer you are in the service, the bigger your holiday allowance can become.
  • You have comprehensive health care and life insurance.
  • You are provided with access to exclusive discounts, privileges, and memberships in the town or city.
  • There is a good pension plan waiting for you upon retirement.

Although the job is hard and risky, the government and the entire community make sure you are well taken care of when you serve in the fire and rescue service.

Qualities of a Good Firefighter

Not everyone is fit to engage in fire and rescue response. Given the pressure and the risks, below are the qualities that you need to have if you wish to become a firefighter:

  • You have to be calm, relaxed, and yet alert no matter what situation you are in.
  • You need to think quickly and be able to come up with solutions on the spot. While you consult your moves with your superior as often as you can, you need to proceed with what you think is best according to protocols.
  • Being patient, tolerant, and flexible is vital since you will be dealing with people that have various personalities. Despite the differences that you have, you all need to work together especially during emergency response.
  • Being able to communicate clearly and precisely even during emergencies is a must.
  • Unfailing courage and selflessness are desirable traits since you will always face danger. You also have to prioritize the safety and welfare of others even if it means risking your own life.
  • A good firefighter takes good care of himself and strives to be physically fit at all times since the job entails a lot of running, carrying heavy things, entering small spaces, and smashing or removing things.

Aside from extinguishing fires, a firefighter also needs to be adept in other skills such as first aid. You will be required to undergo continuing professional development training and seminars as you go along.

Preparing for the Fire Service Recruitment Process

Manning process and requirements may vary from one territory to another. Make sure to do thorough research about fire and rescue recruitment. Better yet, consult an active firefighter who spent years studying how the hiring and training of new firefighters are done.

            You should also do the following:

  • Learn about the steps of the recruitment process.
  • Get to know all the tests and exams you will undergo. Make sure to learn all the instructions accurately.
  • Look for informative articles and videos online about fire and rescue recruitment.
  • Review and practice for the written exams.
  • Practice the activities and tasks involved in the practical exams like the physical aptitude test.
  • Prepare physically because your energy, stamina, and endurance will all be tested. The training during the probationary period will be rigid too.
  • Get coaching and mentoring if this means boosting your confidence and morale.
  • Submit your application and proceed with the tests only when you are confident that you are ready. You can also ask for feedback from individuals who have witnessed your preparation like your family and coach.

All your sacrifices will be worth it when you finally get that permanent position as a firefighter. What is great about working in the fire and rescue service is the constant sense of fulfillment and joy in that all you do is centered on taking care of the community and keeping everyone safe.